Max Consultant : Salary Negotiation

There are many things to consider and one of the major things students overlook and compromise on is Salary and Benefits. Students perception is first take a break and a job and then make good deal with Employers. But, this is not true. According to Max Consultant Experts You lose a lot if you do not negotiate up front. Employers just use the vulnerability of students and make a lot of money. Some of them are reasonable and some are very greedy. So, the idea is, you make a good decision first hand.

One golden rule, go to company with some reference. Someone who works in that company and ask them details. The guy you talk to should not be relative or any way related to company. He should not tell you some crap because be gets a bonus. There are many factors, you have to negotiate accordingly, but on the baseline above are some common percentage and salary. It varies with experience and technology.

Overall, the point is you have to talk to employer in the beginning and clarify the Salary and benefits. Because, if you do not and get into a longterm project, you lose money. Employers are very intelligent, they say we will give you a hike after First project and if you are lucky and get a good project that runs long, you are stuck.

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