As we move through the Corona virus pandemic we reach a time that many parents around Australia are excited about….all school children will finally be back to school (hooray!!)

Here are some tips by the numbers to help your kids transition back to school more easily. But before I do, a big shout out to all parents who have home-schooled their children over the past weeks, what a learning curve its been but the good news is you made it!

First, you need to work out your child’s life lesson number — this number reveals their personality and the themes…

If you are anything like me the lengthy duration of self-isolation might be getting to you at the moment. But, it doesn’t have to! If you can’t get out of the house due to the current pandemic, there are ways that you can pass the time and your numbers hold the key.

Numerology is a method of analyzing numbers to identify information, and your birth date acts like a personal key code. First, you need to work out your life lesson number — this number reveals the overall themes you will experience during your life and what you need to…

We are all on a journey to find our true path in life. What is true for us, can often be quite different to what others envision for us. So do we blindly follow their lead or carve our own unique path?

This week my young son told me he feels like a failure, saying he can’t do the things many of his friends can. He said other kids think he’s silly for what he says, the topics that interest him and what he believes in. I got that too when I was younger.

I hear so many people say they are angry at their life’s journey and are dissatisfied with life in general. Things they’ve wanted haven’t materialised, their hopes & dreams never came to pass etc.

One thing you must realise is that it’s up to each and every one of us to create a life we are proud of and craft a future that has meaning for us.

Don’t waste time being angry, despondent, blaming others or being envious of those who seem to have it all together. How much time have you already wasted doing that? …

Your hands are the maps of your life, from cradle to the grave.
Everything you’ve been through, or are yet to experience is recorded within those lines and markings.

Yes, reading palms is predictive and fortune telling of sorts. But, its so much more than that!

Palmistry is a way to better understand the deeper and lesser-known qualities of a person, how they think and what they are truly meant to do with their life.

Human beings hide so much of themselves and their true nature, but learning to understand the insights within the palms of the hands will show you how to see far beyond that and to the deepest core of a person.

Want 100% truth and honesty? Its all in the hands!

Visit for more information on private consultations (worldwide), educational workshops, high-quality tuition, books and more.

Sometimes we may think we haven’t achieved a lot in our life and become despondent, however upon closer inspection we might get a surprise.

Every 9 years we will see change in our life and in the things we do. When you are 40 you won’t think like you did when you were 20, and this is even more evident when you open up to your spiritual path. Seeing your life and experiences through the eyes of wonder and joy is the start. Staying away from negative people who bring you down or make you focus on lack instead of…

When manifesting and asking the Universe for help, be specific and precise about the things you are asking for.

If its love you are seeking be specific about the characteristics, attitude, looks, values etc that you require in a partner. If its your job / career; what type of work do you want? How do you want to work? How much to you want to earn and what conditions do you want to work in? Money / finances; how much do you need? $10,000 or a salary of $200,000?

The Universal Law states that our heartfelt prayers are always answered…

I had a difficult beginning finding my spiritual path. I had to overcome prejudice, misunderstanding and non-believers, even in my own family who didn’t support my beliefs and the direction I wanted to take.

I experienced this while playing professional football & sports, then carpentry & building in my fathers timber business. At 22 years of age I saw the light and started to actively work on developing my spiritual abilities. The more I worked with my abilities the better they got, until my spiritual work began to take over my life…in a good way.

I began learning all aspects…

In numerology, the number 6 represents love, balance and harmony. Whenever it is a 6 day, month, year or perhaps we are in a personal 6 cycle, it indicates a time for us to focus on the meaning of love and to express and share it with others.

I’m fortunate to read and teach spiritual people from all over the globe, and believe me they are on the same path and are all going through the same things we all do.

It’s one thing to spruik about the spiritual path, its another thing to walk it. If only we could…

Don’t just look at the eyes, look at the hands!

A person’s hands are a map of their life and a clear indicator of their personality and true nature.

For instance, if your Mercury finger (little pinky finger) is very short it means you’ll have ongoing struggles in love & relationships. It’s also difficult for you to express yourself on a one-to-one basis. If it curls inwards (see image) this shows you are currently going through relationship challenges. The more it curls in, the deeper and more challenging the problems.

Want to discover what your hands say about you? Max is available for private consultations worldwide, educational workshops, private tuition and has a range of books available. Visit for more information.

Max Coppa

Max is an Internationally recognised and trusted expert in palmistry, numerology & dream interpretation.

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