Mistake n°1: Start-up, from dream to reality

Let’s start from the very beginning of my journey, I did not have much knowledge about the start-up world. Obviously, the word “start-up” sounds very sexy in my mind. Of course, it was unconsciously associated with the idea of success, freedom, money, fame, impact etc. Only idiots would pretend not to be charmed by one of these desirable lifestyles. (click here if you want to dream).

After graduation, my partner and I sat over a cup of coffee on the sunny terrace of Arcaffe Rothschild, central Tel Aviv. Our young entrepreneur filled eyes were gazing towards the huge glass skyscraper in the centre of Rothschild street. And there we were, sitting and thinking to ourselves, that one day, we are going to sit in that skyscraper. That was it, the decision was made. We had just decided to work full time on our venture. We were young, highly motivated, had a great idea and were more than ready to rock the world. So what could possibly go wrong?

It did not take long to realise that these beautiful associations that we naively created in our minds were much different from the reality. The reality is that most start-up fail (90% Of Startups Fail). Young Jedi, no need to be good in math to understand that the force is against you.

My first mistake was to idealise the process of building a start-up and to jump into it without deeper knowledge about the challenges to come. To make my point, let’s talk about something different, something most of us know (at least men). Some studies state that the average man tallied 19 sexy thoughts per day. I believe that a good entrepreneur tails at least 10 times more challenging thoughts per day and per night. (click here if you want to watch the reality).

3 sentences to remember

  • Most startups fail
  • You will probably fail too (It is not me, it’s in the stats)
  • Start up is not as beautiful and easy as it seems


1. Think

Before you quit your job or your studies (do not do that) and jump full time on your big idea, think twice about the involvements that it will implement: financial instability, long working hours, very small chances of success, unhealthy life, anxiety, depression, and loneliness (just to name a few).

2. Talk

Talk about your idea to your family, to your friends (entrepreneurs are a bonus) and to anyone who is ready to listen (potential users are a must). Do not get excited if your mom loves your idea (she is your mom). We literally stopped people in the street and knocked on people’s door just to pitch.

3. Think & Talk

Never, but I mean never, say to anyone “I cannot talk about my idea” because you are scared that he will steal it from you. Guess what? Nobody cares about your idea and if they do, you have a higher chance to make it happen. You need feedback from day one, make your pitch perfect but most importantly you need to know if you are really solving a problem (meaning someone will pay for it).

At the end of the day, it does not matter how hard it is to walk the stairs of success, if you feel that you have the guts for it, then I only have one last advice, go for it.

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