META LEVEL INTERCONNECTEDNESS: The Applied Engineering of The Domination System

All that you do matters. All you do ripples outward and has macro level effects. Nothing happens in a vacuum be it in the temporal world and beyond the finite. The interplay between the various micros and the macros is ever present. The vast cosmic ecosystem is an ecosystem of integrated ecosystems. Being this is the case why do you suppose so many think they are immune from this great interconnectedness? How is it that so many individuals live their lives as if they are the center of a universe which they alone are the sovereign when all things around them and in them testify to the opposite of their perspective? Do we not see this same thing play out in regards to any collective organization of human beings such as corporations and nation states? If nothing truly happens in a vacuum in this interconnected ecosystem of ecosystems why do so few people understand this important truth? There within is the crux of the problem… truth.

The Futilitude of the Slaves of Lies

Many people deny the truth for the deceptive convenience of their selfishness and pride. Many more simply have never been taught effectively that their lives are far more important and impactful to the greater whole than they would have ever considered. Why do you suppose this is the case? Could it be the former and the latter have a much deeper interplay than humanity is willing to admit? Or might it be simply that few people know just how connected everyone really is? Might it have been engineered this way?

Aggregated effect is real. The good and bad… the truth and lies… all exist in the same global collective reality interacting with one another in ripple effects that sweep around the world and feedbacks on the collective. Nothing is insignificant in this world. No word, action or individual is without worth and impact. It all mixes up together. However like oil and water it never dissolved into a singular new substance instead separates to its various constituent parts. Why do you suppose this is?

Oppositional Oil and Water

Molecules of water are strongly attracted to each other because they are polar. Oil and water molecules are not attracted to each other because oil molecules are non-polar and hydrophobic or ‘water-fearing’. Oil has a lower density than water, so it always floats on top. Likewise as the oil and water are oppositional in attraction repelling one another so too it is for those who are seeking the truth and those who are comfortable in their lies. The truth repels lies exposing them in the process of simply being what it is. The lie needs the truth it denies and hates even as it is terrified of being exposing by it. Thusly the is truth-phobic much like the oil is hydrophobic. The lie sees the truth in adversarial terms and always tries to subdue it, co-opt it or destroy its influence. Such as it is in the collective human experience. The corruptive influences exert an impact upon all of humanity and nature. The truth exposes it so in order to remain in power and control to protect its fragile pride and ego, the lie is always involved in attempting to to mix the oil and water in temporary mixtures of confusion. However the temporary appearance of mixing never lasts just as the water and oil molecules seek their own kind and separate to their own concentrations. A lie always tries to divide and conquer. This should be obvious to humanity. As should it be obvious that the agitation of the masses through machinations has a limited intended effect though with very destructive short term impacts to humanity. Just as agitating a container filled will water and oil will cause the appearance of mixing to the eye, beyond the appearances the actual effect, the concentrations of oil and water are simply just dispersed in one another in smaller dispersed concentrations. Likewise, in the sea of people’s and nations, it is why these machinationists, those deceivers in the lie, see it necessary to introduce dispersant ideological and situational additives to the water and oil of society to create a constant agitation of the populace. They do this as a means of deception intended to divide, conquer and keep the people embroiled in conflict to be more easily conquered through diversionary methods and means. After all a poisoned, confused, divided and embattled humanity is one easily enslaved and used for selfish gain while strengthening ones power and control over them. See the art of War here. Being that all things are essentially connected, the collective impact on humanity is one of being deceived and manipulated by lies in order to keep them subdued and enslaved to that which is inherently destructive to their humanity. This is used as a means of forcing compliance to malevolent powers who have malice towards human beings attempting to thwart their liberation by truth which would end the domination system which holds them in chains.

All are affected by all for better or for worse. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. Yes aggregated effect is real. So is the need for grace considering we all have existential objective positive and negative impacts on all things in the world… even if some of us are operating in and from false assumptions, ideologies and perspectives. Now what does that actually mean? Positive to whom or what? Negative whom or what? On what basis does the human collective determine the baselines for positive and negative definitions? Here wherein is the locality of the conflict zone whose effects reveal definitive root causality. Here the battle between objective contextual truth and the conflict derived from deconstructed contextual confusion is ongoing. A lie is not the absence of objective truth but rather is the false contextual usage of truth manifested in confused thought and action. This is the futilitude of induced confusion in pathologic, theologic and philosophic silos intended to corrupt.

The Entropic Futilitude

Corrosion is a natural process, which converts a refined metal to a more chemically-stable form, such as its oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide. It is the gradual destruction of materials (usually metals) by chemical and/or electrochemical reaction with their environment. Corrosion engineering is the field dedicated to controlling and stopping corrosion.

Using this as a metaphor for truth and lies… what a lie intends on doing by fighting against and de-contextualizing objective truth actually has the opposite effect in the end. It proves the truth to be true and a lie to be a lie which is insufficient to replace the truth. The process of a lie actually is self destructive to the lie in that it is exposed for being as such, rendering its temporary power transitorily fleeting and ultimately futile in it’s end state. This end state is essentially self negational. Being that “the lie” denies it’s dependence upon the very objective truth it seeks to overthrow in subjective pride, it blinds itself to the futility that it’s endeavors are inextricably chained to… That being that it will never be able to stand up to the truth and in attempting to do so always yields it’s exposure as being pathetically insufficient due to its inherent corruption.

The Futilitude of the Post Truth Thinker

Those who are the most militantly oppositional to objective truth, are often the most militant in enforcing their subjective points of view on others. Thereby they act as ideological sovereigns using authoritarian means and methods to force compliance to their wishes. whose perspectives are absolute and beyond reproach. The Absolutist subjectivist denies objective truth that they might play the false sovereign over others acting as a de facto dictator which is actually what they accuse anyone who believes in an overarching objective meta narrative of engaging in. They do this in pride. They deny any absolutes outside of their own desires and beliefs they disagree with or even rebel against while acting as though their own perspectives are absolutist. Thusly in doing so,they reveal the utter hypocrisy and inverted reality which they are enslaved to.

The Futilitude of the False Light of a Counterfeit Freedom

When these same ones say they are seeking freedom, it is freedom from the constraints of objective truth which is in fact, a demand to remain a slave to a lie and enslave others to the very lies they themselves serve. This is no different from the manner with which autocrats rule over their nations with forced complicity to their own false ideological constructs. This is the futilitude meta-inversion.

A futilitude is a state of being grounded in pride and self deception where a futile self destructive attitude and it’s outworking ripples outward effecting the collective whole of humanity. The roots of all futilitudes are in pride as well as it’s derivative selfishness. It is a particularly virulent form of narcissism. The binary simulacrum fuels adversarial polarity like two snakes eating their own tails. It attempts to ensnare, co-opt and then devour truth only to find itself exposed by it. Hence why we say that pride always comes before the fall and the fall always comes with great destructive consequences. Thusly, the irony of the Tao of the Autocrat is the same as any other subjectivist individual who, living for and in a lie leads them to make decisions which hastens their speed on the broad path towards destruction. All of this exposed their folly and foolishness proving the truth even as they deny it at their own peril.

The Futilitude of the Zeitgeist’s War Against Spiritus Veritatis

The zeitgeist is at war against “spiritus veritatis” knowing it’s exposure is certain yet denying this eventual outcome. It’s domain is that of the external appearances which is in existential meta-darkness. This domain is the temporal construct of the material world which is in effect in denial of the infinite overarching meta narrative which the temporal is locked in to. It is called finite for good reason. The temporal is bound to something akin to an encrypted morphological quantum entanglement. It’s observable micros are seen in negative neuro-imprints in the human brain. However this is but the surface reality of a much deeper ideological, physiological, psychological and meta-logical imprisonment. All of it is chained to the temporal construct which is morphologically encrypted from the micros to the macros. It operates as a domination system to maintain power over and force compliance to its corruptive false meta narrative which is at war against the authentic objective truth narrative which is denies even as it is reliant upon it for its very existience. Thusly the false narrative seeks to stand between humanity at large and the objective infinite truth meta narrative like a great cloud of polluting smog, in order to deceive, confuse, divide, devour and destroy humanity to further it’s own service to it’s pride and hatred towards the truth. The domination system rules by a complex global divide and conquer strategy bent on total control and absolutist power while being a false light leading humanity towards exponential corruption and eventual destruction.

As it is for people so too it is for nations.

-Max Daves