Nigeria in Fashion: Kene Rapu

We at MAX Delivery Nigeria fully support our local businesses and Kene Rapu is one of those we support and deliver for.

Today I walked in with much anticipation as I’ve been on the hunt for nice locally made slippers. Been reading interviews and doing a little background research on the lovely lady who started Kene Rapu. It’s inspiring to see women bosses rise up here and there all over Africa and especially in Nigeria. #Goals. Thanks to social media (also shout out to She Leads Africa) I keep up with start-ups and women are doing it big. All the footwear by Kene Rapu is produced in Nigeria and the materials used are all made in Nigeria.

My Arrival

I arrived at the store around 10:35am right when they opened; really wanted to be the first customer served so I could ask all my questions without irritating anyone. There weren’t too many slippers left in store but the lady who attended to me was really helpful and brought as many pairs as possible for me to try on.

Actually went there with the mind to try on sandals from the Kene Rapu X Orange Culture collaboration but unfortunately they didn’t have any in store and was informed I could place an order for a pair. I’m a sucker for anything men’s, so I just couldn’t leave till I’d tried the SBK Men’s.

Left to Right; SBK Women’s — SBK Men’s

Ended up falling in love with the men’s slippers and went on to purchase one. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I hate the women’s collection, I just prefer the men’s. Solid colors, chunkier look, less prints and can be paired with a lot of things in my wardrobe. In addition to the slippers, they also carry African print bags which can be paired with the slippers to finish a look.

Kene Rapu’s Beautiful Store

The store which opened April 2015, is small and simple which in my opinion works because all eyes point to the product without any distractions. It’s not too packed with product either which makes shopping easier.

The online store is currently under construction but orders can be placed via telephone and MAX Delivery Nigeria will have it delivered to you.

I must point out that I really like how accessible the owner is.

Any questions I had that the sales associate was unsure of was answered by the owner. She would give her a quick call and not too long after come out with an answer. It feels so unfortunate to have missed all the collaborations thus far; Kene Rapu X OrangeCulture, Kene Rapu X Yasser, but I’m really looking forward to what comes next for Kene Rapu. I also plan to somehow get a sit down with Kene Rapu herself so I can pick her brain a bit (fingers crossed) and share with you all.