Ascension Earth, a message from the ancients

‘The earlier unsuccessful attempts to communicate with humanity through channelers has led to a more intense effort at direct telepathic communication between the Guardians and the Star Seed population who have been subjected to continuous biological assault beginning 2001.”

In ‘Meet the Ancients, Ascension Earth — Birth of a New Sun’ Sandra and Max Desorgher share their life stories of contact with non-human multi-dimensional intelligences, and the Knowledge that these beings have shared. Woven through the narrative is the story of Sarah, a whirlwind of an autistic girl who helped us to understand the mysteries of Autism and the ‘Light Children’, and Sandra’s struggle through the devastating condition known as ‘Morgellons Disease’, or ‘Silent Superbug’.

The cosmic story of life emerging in our galaxy is told as viewed through the eyes of the mantis being, a 6th dimensional intelligence that is now helping the earth and humanity through the challenges and mysteries of Ascension.

‘Having been gifted with such a vivid dreamscape and connection to higher consciousness, so that I can usually access information when I have questions, I respect that my soul journey also involves ‘to help where I am needed’. Usually I find myself working with other individuals and groups who work with children who are on the autism spectrum, and as I have opened to the understanding that we are not alone and not all beings are humanoid who are intelligent in our solar system, I have been called upon to offer help and support for the hybrid children.

‘I have been privileged to have experiences which I can only describe as a quickening, a vibrational experience which, when asleep or unconscious, is my consciousness energy being able to transcend this physical body and become present in another place. I believe it to be part of the current upgrade, ascension process, and by being open to that experience, I have been challenged to share that experience.’

Sandra Desorgher, Rainbow Tribe Medicine Woman