M2M Day 107: Ugh, fear is still holding me back

This post is part of Month to Master, a 12-month accelerated learning project. For February, my goal is to land a backflip.

Today, I went to the “open gym” at AcroSports. In other words, I was on my own, trying to figure out how I could effectively practice without the mental support of Elijah and the harness.

The only safe option seemed to be the foam pit, but, for some reason, the foam pit really messes with me mentally: I’m just not able to commit to jumping upwards (instead, I throw my body backwards into the pit).

As a result, my backflip aren’t very high or tight.

This is a bit frustrating, especially since my session yesterday was so productive. Nevertheless, I’m meeting back up with Elijah on Friday, and hopefully will pick up where we left off.

Once I land a backflip on the floor with the help of Elijah, I’ll use the open gym to enforce the success. But, it doesn’t seem like the open gym is a good option until I overcome my fear.

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Max Deutsch is an obsessive learner, product builder, guinea pig for Month to Master, and founder at Openmind.

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