M2M Day 179: The final conversation

This post is part of Month to Master, a 12-month accelerated learning project. For April, my goal is to hold a 30-minute conversation in Hebrew on the future of technology

Today, my friend Josh came over and we held a 35-minute conversation in Hebrew on the future of technology. (Josh is American, but has studied Hebrew since he was a kid and so is functionally fluent.)

Josh is on the left. I’m on the right.

The conversation was certainly challenging: Since, I didn’t prep Josh at all, he asked questions that I hadn’t previously thought about — This meant that I needed to both determine suitable responses, as well as find the Hebrew words necessary to construct those responses.

Of course, this was the hope: I didn’t want to film a highly structured or “scripted” conversation, but instead, I wanted to engage in a fully authenticate, real-time exchange. After all, the purpose of language is to communicate, not perform.

Nevertheless, I felt fully immersed in the conversation, and was surprised when the 30-minute timer went off.

Even though there were a few moments where I misspoke or made minor mistakes, I was able to communicate my ideas in a way that Josh could appreciate. I was also able to let myself freely communicate without judgment, which has previously held me back from being verbose in Hebrew.

Overall, more than anything, I’m happy that I found the confidence to let myself connect with someone else in an authenticate way in Hebrew. This was ultimately what I was seeking this month, and I would say that I was successful in finding it.

Tomorrow, I will subtitle and share the video of the conversation.

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Max Deutsch is an obsessive learner, product builder, guinea pig for Month to Master, and founder at Openmind.

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