M2M Day 196: Debugging, and self-driving cars in real life

This post is part of Month to Master, a 12-month accelerated learning project. For May, my goal is to build the software part of a self-driving car.

Yesterday, I finished formatting the new dataset, so, when I got home today from work, I was all ready to start training the model.

Yet, when I executed the train command in Terminal, my computer stalled for a second and then spit out an error. Specifically, a “list index out of range” error.

Typically, you get this kind of error when the program is expecting a list of things that is longer than the actual list of things.

Since the NVIDIA dataset is longer/larger than the Udacity dataset, I figured that the value for list length must be hardcoded, and I could adjust this value accordingly.

However, after looking through the code, I couldn’t find the problem. Everything seemed like it should work.

So, I added in a few print statements to the code, which would help me see what’s going on under the hood and exactly where the program is breaking.

I ran the program with the print statements, and got this output:

The program successfully iterated through all the lines of actual data, and then seemed to attempt to parse an extra line of data that doesn’t exist.

So, I opened the data.txt file, and sure enough… I had accidentally copied a few empty lines at the end of file.

I deleted these three empty lines, and reran the program in Terminal.

It worked, and the model started training.

While the model trains (we’ll check in on it tomorrow), I thought I’d share a quick, fun aside:

Today, on my commute into work, I passed a Google/Waymo self-driving car near the Mountain View train station.

Then, on my commute home, a few blocks away from my apartment, I saw two self-driving Ubers in row.

Here’s a slightly clearer picture of the lead Uber: It looks like it is currently being human-driven, likely for training purposes. The Google car was driving itself.

Almost every day during my commute, I see a few self-driving cars, but only thought today about taking and sharing a few photos. The fact that I’m already numb to the site of a self-driving car is pretty crazy — they are clearly not so far away from being a ubiquitous reality (regulation aside).

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to think that the software I’m running on my personal computer is essentially powerful enough to control these actual cars.

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Max Deutsch is a product manager at Intuit, the creator of Somebody.io and Rightspeed, and the guinea pig for Month to Master.

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