No one stole my app idea from 2014

And no one will steal your idea either

On May 29, 2014, I tweeted out this app idea…

The basic idea for Rightspeed in 2014

This tweet was part of a 100-day project, called Daily Tech Idea, where I tweeted an idea for a tech product every day for 100 days. I then compiled all the ideas on this website, and explicitly told visitors of the site to “borrow from this list”.

Part of the description on

And yet, no one borrowed the idea for “audiobook speed-listening software”.

Two years later (on April 22, 2016), I launched my speed-listening app Rightspeed, accompanied by a long Medium post with the full story:

Then, TechCrunch picked up the story.

And since, downloads have been climbing steadily.

For two years, this “good” idea was sitting on the internet (asking to be taken). I talked to dozens of people about the idea, iterated and improved on the idea based on feedback, and found customers before I ever launched.

And yet, as much as I paraded the idea around, it was never “stolen”. Instead, the idea just got better.

Share your idea. It’s worth it.

Max Deutsch is the founder of Rhombus, a Startup-As-A-Service company, based in San Francisco. Rhombus works with non-technical entrepreneurs to build stunning mobile apps, like Rightspeed.

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