Galatoire’s | New Orleans, LA

I was lucky enough to be invited down for Mardi Gras this year, and was treated to a VIP culture & culinary tour* spanning four waistline expanding days. On the food front we covered the classics: jambalaya, gumbo, red beans, white beans, beignets, and consumed an alarming number of king cakes. We were also blessed with front row views of the parades, where I *shockingly* threw my inhibitions to the wind and screamed, danced, and jumped for countless throws (think beads on beads on beads).

11am: We had an epic second line to brunch!

Mardi Gras was a blur, to put it mildly, but I am excited to report back about one of my favorite meals from the trip. I could easily write about the unbelievable home-cooked meals I was treated to, but instead lets talk about the NOLA institution that is Galatoire’s.

Galatoire’s captures the magic of New Orleans cuisine by marrying creole and french traditions to delight your palate bite after bite. The restaurant has been making bellies happy on Bourbon Street since 1905, and if we are lucky they will not stop anytime soon. Quick pro-tip before we get to the eats: jackets are required, but if you’re stumbling in off of Bourbon they have a clothing rack full of them for you to choose from. Lets talk food:

Pommes soufflés — Pillowy, double-fried potato clouds served with an epic béarnaise sauce. The amount of air they’re able to seal inside of the pommes soufflés deserves a Nobel Prize, and I’m pretty confident that they serve these upon entry to Heaven. Put simply, these bad boys are the Tempur-Pedic of potatoes.

Photo by: Eric Leath | Serious Eats

Oysters en brochette — Oysters + bacon + breading, finished with a perfect fry. The best part is the textural diversity — crispy exterior and melt in your mouth interior. It is a bonkers pairing. I mean come on, I knew that New Orleans already had the best oysters in the country, but these were next level decadence.

Crawfish maison — Chicken salad graduated, got married, and had this beautiful baby. Start with jumbo lump crawfish, add vinegar + mustard + capers + egg + lemon. Salivating yet? Galatoire’s serves it over a bed of lettuce with warm, crusty baguettes to scoop all that goodness up. Yes, this is an appetizer.

Shrimp remoulade — The freshest shrimp you’ve ever eaten, tossed in a horseradish-forward sauce. Boom. If horseradish isn’t your thing then kindly move on (and re-evaluate your tastebuds), but if you are a fan then you better eat this now. It’s a classic, I know, but it had to be said.

Photo by: Galatoire’s

Redfish — Lets be honest, you probably never knew this fish existed if you did not grow up in the South. It’s a mild, clean, and meaty fish that falls right off the bone. No undesirable “fishy” taste here. I opted for the lemon caper beurre blanc sauce on top, but Galatoire’s has eight garnish choices to meet all of your needs. Yes, eight.

Sazeracs — What, you thought I was sober the entire meal? Sazeracs are a New Orleans special, stirred up with rye, absinthe, bitters, sugar, and a kiss of lemon. They’re incredibly strong, to say the least, so sippers beware! I may or may not have had two…

As the meal came to a close, we loosened our belt buckles, sped home safely, and hopped on the treadmill (read: ate an embarrassing amount of king cake).

To wrap — if you find yourself hungry in New Orleans, please do yourself a favor and visit Galatoire’s. I know that I will.

*Thank you again to the Hoffman Family for your unrivaled hospitality and all of the jolly times!

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