5 Programmatic Advertising Trends You Need To Know In The Year 2019

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May 30 · 3 min read

The marketing automation technology that programmatic advertising is one to allow businesses to target a specific audience using information like the geographical location of the users, the demographic, and the socioeconomic features that determine their choices.

As 2019 picks up its pace, programmatic advertising companies around the world are accepting the new trends that have evolved.

  • Boost in using Blockchain

The digital field has been growing. With this growth, the industry has become susceptible to fraud. Advertising frauds have become a major concern for businesses investing considerable amounts into producing and releasing them.

This is where blockchain will come in, providing high-end protection from ad frauds. It is one of the most deliberated technologies in the market today.

  • Enforced GDPR

The European Commission enforced the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which needs to be followed by every advertiser and publisher. According to GDPR, the security of all data, personal and otherwise shall be maintained. It has become essential to have a general idea about the inclusions that GDPR has if they plan on investing in ads with a programmatic advertising company.

  • Integrating DOOH

This year, the number of businesses investing in the regular Out Of Home (OOH) will decrease drastically. Instead, the investment rates in Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) programmatic ads will become the go-to option. Large businesses have already begun investing in DOOH, producing campaigns that are innovatively influenced by real-time data.

  • Personalized Ads

A capable programmatic advertising company will soon allow businesses to include customization in the programmatic ads. Through this, personalized messages could be delivered to the audience. The end result would mean the impact of the ads could be collected sooner, and the optimization would become easier. Different versions of the same ad can be created depending on individual pieces of data.

  • Increase in AI

No doubt, artificial intelligence has been around for a long time. In 2019, it is predicted to gain more popularity in the field of programmatic advertising. Dynamic Creative Optimization has barged into the market with its core feature “hyper-relevance” making it a priority for ad marketers to consider. The market has seen a decrease in the cost of the pay-per-clicks as well.

There will always be a change in the industry that is waiting to turn over the stone. Designers at advertising companies work toward involving these trends into their strategies to provide better results.

The efficiency and effectiveness of an ad can be increased by incorporating these trends into programmatic advertising. The future is great for businesses all around the world if they accept the changes and get with the new trends.

For a business to stand out in a pool of companies offering similar services, it must use all the strength it has to be able to create an impact in the minds of its audience. It must create a sense of loyalty in their customers to retain them for a longer time, which can be done by exceptional service and programmatic advertising.

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