These 3 Answers Will Help You Understand The Significance of PPC campaigns

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Apr 30 · 3 min read

There are chances that if you are involved in any digital marketing service, you might have heard about pay-per-click advertising. The most renowned digital marketing agencies across the world also work as a PPC Advertising Agency for their clients.

Ask experts about PPC advertising and they will address it as a popular and economical way to generate more website traffic and reach a larger target audience online.

The start can get daunting but a good PPC advertising company has the capability to give a better ROI on most pay-per-click ads than its other digital and offline alternatives.

Now, let’s speed up your learning curve. We have created a list of frequently asked questions designed to give you the knowledge you need to buy pay-per-click services from a company.

1. Nobody clicks on ads, so why have them?

This is the biggest myth that one can come across. Clicking on an advertisement doesn’t get you cheated.

Here are some pieces of evidence to prove the myth wrong:

  • Almost all of Google’s substantial revenues (97–98% of its annual revenue, over $40 billion in 2012) comes from advertising. Well, someone is clicking on ads!


  • Search queries with high commercial intent can take up twice as many clicks for sponsored results (AKA ads).
  • For queries that are informational or navigational in nature, almost all clicks go to organic results. However, if the intent of the query is to buy, then ads get a lot of space as well as plenty of clicks on the SERP.

2. What are the benefits of PPC ads?

  • PPC ads give your website front and center attention and also gets displayed to customers who are looking specifically for the product or service that you provide.
  • These ads are eye-catching and are also affordable for small businesses when compared to other types of advertising.

3. Why do people click on AdWords ads?

The basic psychology behind a person clicking on an AdWords ad (excluding the percentage of clicks attributed to click fraud and accidental clicking) can be:

  • They don’t know it’s an ad: Users might not know the difference between paid and organic results, and they wouldn’t be doing a web search in the first place if they didn’t intend to click on something.
  • They feel that the ad they see is the most relevant result for their query: If the person is looking for a specific product with a specific keyword and a clear intention to buy, then there can be an ad on the first page that they feel the best “answer” to their “question.”
  • The ad grabs their attention out of nowhere: There are moments when a user sees an ad while checking their email or reading a news article. Mostly these are indirectly related to a searcher’s query, but there can be times when their brain feels the ad to be relevant to their interests.

The reasons can be many but as long as these are working in your favor, the best thing to do is to try to make your ad the most relevant result for the search query. Give them zero reasons not to click.

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