In this piece, I will share lessons that I have learned while advising companies on blockchain strategies through my work at Fraktal Group. Fraktal is a blockchain advisory that I co-founded with Kevin Xu, the former Director of Cryptoeconomics at ConsenSys Token Foundry. We engaged with companies of all sizes, ranging from contractual partnerships with newborn start-ups and successful growth-stage companies to extensive consultations with some of the largest established enterprises, such as Foxconn. My experiences with these companies, each in different industries, has revealed to me that the most valuable applications of blockchain technology are still ahead of…

Insight Venture Partners, a NYC-based venture capital and private equity firm with +$20BN in assets under management, invited us to host a webinar for the CTOs of their portfolio companies to educate them on the technical aspects of blockchain technology. Fraktal partner Kevin Xu hosted this webinar where he explored the philosophy behind blockchain technology and distributed systems, highlighting the key differences between both. If you are interested in finding the most efficient way to gain a technical understanding of this new technology within 30 minutes, look no further than the video below.

What You Will Learn

· How blockchain…

Max Einhorn

Entrepreneur // Recovering Management Consultant // Curious Technologist // Avid Skier // Mediocre Pianist // Lifelong Learner

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