Process Simplification: Eliminate. Delegate. Automate.

Aug 23, 2017 · 3 min read

(Read this article before you start automating everything around you!)

Process Simplification: Eliminate, Delegate, and Automate.

In the world of Process and Continuous Improvements, Software Development, Automation, Robotics, and AI there are 3 big rules that everyone (i.e. analyst, project managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs) should consider when simplifying a process and before resorting to automating a certain task or processes. These steps were as simple as if a job can be Eliminated, if it can be delegated to others, and finally automation of task at hand.

Here we answer why you should opt to these steps.


Why I should eliminate a task?

The quick answer is for you to really identify and get rid of the “waste” step(s) or process that doesn’t really give value in your business. Elimination means identifying the “non-value adding” activity and not necessarily an action to remove the the end-to-end steps of the process. In the current environment and industry that we’re living right now, the quicker you identify the non-value adding activities and actually eliminating it, the quicker you will generate profit and savings.


Why I should delegate it to others?

After you identify the non-value adding activities in your business and you caught up to a problem where you can NOT eliminate the step then your second option is to delegate. Now, delegation could be giving it to one of your team, hiring additional Non-FTE (Full Time Employee), hiring an expert or even outsourcing it to a low-cost countries. With this, you could focus more to other value adding activities.


Why automation should be your last option?

Automation can be done to anything (and you know it’s happening now!) So for Maxemburg Technology — Office Automation, Robotics, and AI is the future, However, doing so will be difficult and non-sense if the current steps or processes contains waste and/or just a nice-to-have features of your business. The real and main goal of automation is to increase profit and savings. Therefore, before anything else, ensure you had ask yourself if there is any non-value adding step or can I delegate this to my team before you opt to the automation trend.

Disclaimer: Though this steps might be new and would results to a quick-win-solution, You should really think and weight-in whether to eliminate, delegate, automate is the best option for your business.

Looking forward to your success! — Maxemburg Technology

About Us: Maxemburg Technology is a start-up business that focus with applications, analytics, automation and robotics for workplace.


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