4 Ways To Maximize Fat Burning

We all want to get the most out of the time we spend working out. I’m writing this today to give you some pointers on how you can maximize the effort you put into your workouts. These apply to both weight lifting and cardio routines. Implement them and start seeing the changes you deserve.

Pro Tip #1: Kick Up The Intensity

Here’s some truth for you: If you’re not completely gassed after your workouts, you’re probably not maximizing fat-burning potential. Increase your intensity and you’ll increase the number of calories you’re burning in a given time period. So how can you increase the intensity? Spend less time resting between exercises, push outside the comfort zone on your runs, increase the amount of weight you use in your workouts over time, add reps, etc. This of course doesn’t have to be at one time. Focus on incorporating one and gradually add the others in.

Pro Tip #2: Introduce Multi — Joint Exercises

There are 2 types of exercises: Compound exercises and simple exercises. Compound exercises (or multi-joint) involve more than one joint (Example: Squats — knee and hip joints, Pushups — should and elbow joints). Simple exercises (or single-joint) move 1 joint (Example: Biceps curl — elbow joints, Calf raise — ankle joints).

By including exercises that move multiple joints at the same time you call more muscles into action. The more muscles that are working, the greater the number of calories you’ll be burning, hence greater potential to decrease fat.

Pro Tip #3: Add Interval Training

Interval training involves alternating periods of high intensity with periods of lower intensity. This is a great method because you’ll get the cardiovascular benefits while also working muscle groups. An example would be sprinting for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of jogging or walking, repeated for a certain amount of time. You’ll burn a greater number of calories during the intense periods, which, coupled with the rest period, will allow you to sustain this intensity for a longer time than a single spurt to exhaustion.

Interval training can also be added into your workouts. You could do 30 seconds of squats followed by a recovery period, say doing a plank or resting completely before repeating. The key to interval training is to start out slower and gradually increase the intensity and work time as you become stronger. I incorporate interval training into the workouts I design quite frequently, usually on a weekly basis. Visit here if you’re interested in them.

Pro Tip #4: Add Variety

Variety is important to your fitness routine for a number of reasons. First, it makes your workouts more interesting. Could you imagine doing the exact same workout every time you’re at the gym? You would be bored by the 2nd workout! Aside from the mental aspect, there are also important physiological benefits to variety.

Your body is extremely efficient at adapting to the stresses you put on it. Over time, the benefits of doing the same thing start to wear off. If you keep doing the same workout, your strength and cardio gains will eventually start to level off (plateauing). To overcome this, the key is to add variety and mix things up. Introduce new exercises, change the time for each workout, etc. As with intensity, I add variety on a daily basis to the workouts I design, helping to avoid mental stagnation and hitting plateaus.

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