I failed my Product Design assignment
Mohamed Abbassi

Well you’ve probably given them $1k in PR damage but I’m not sure that helps you since other companies might not want their process laid out in the open.

For the next go around think about asking that you receive feedback on what you’ve brought even if they don’t like what you have done and saying that you expect to put in X hours proving what you can do.

You might also only send them an overall strategy document before jumping into all of this in depth work. You would do that for a boss anyway right so that you don’t waste your time working on a direction they don’t agree with.

It gives you a chance to get their feedback and give you some insight into what they are thinking so you can learn to craft you presentation to your audience.

You might have gotten the same response after the shorter presentation and then just moved on. And if all they have to give is a one line ‘no thanks’ then either they found someone else or they aren’t worth bothering to work with.


Bob at Max Foundry