Spoiler Alert: It’s has been a roller coaster

To begin with, this is not a HOWTO get into Amazon guide, but more of a journal of how my career begins and got till this point. I’m currently working on an interview preparation guide. I will update here once I’m done with it.

I have toyed with the idea of writing this article a couple of times, with different titles such as “How I became a Software Engineer”, “My journey thus far as a Software Engineer” or “How I self-taught my way to becoming a Software Engineer”. …

When I first started my career, I spent a huge chunk of my time reading articles learning from other’s experiences and knowledge. As I grew slightly more mature into my career. I figured I should start giving back to the community, by sharing what I’ve learnt.

I’m not a writer. I do not consider myself as a writer. However, I’m putting in effort to make sure that I write on a daily basis.

What I have learnt is that, like most skills, writing is a learnable. You can improve your writing by writing more. You don’t have to spent a…

Ever had those days when everything feels unmanageable? Every tiny obstacles somehow get magnified into something way larger. It just basically makes you question your own capability to handle everything. Worst part is that you feel that you are alone even against your own teammates.

I just had one of those days.

It wasn’t something that just happened suddenly in a day, it was things that happened cumulative over days or weeks. What begin as a simple task turned into a nightmare to finish. …

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Last week, `. After researching, I decided that the Andrew Ng’s course would be ideal for someone like me who is looking to understand the fundamentals on Machine Learning.

Week 1 has been a great introduction to Machine Learning, where the course quickly guided us through the overviews of Machine Learning such as the definitions and application of it. I won’t go too in-depth into each topic, but will provide a good coverage of what I have learnt this week.

There has been multiple definition of Machine Learning among the years, and here are two that shows the difference of…

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This is just a short post to declare my attempt into the world of Machine Learning, as well as a platform for me to stay accountable to myself on this journey.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data has been one of the many tech buzzword that has been trending amount recent years. As a Software Engineer myself, I have always been fascinated with how Machine Learning work and keen to take a stab in it.

I have done some research on the how, what and where to begin. Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Course is one of the most…

Up until now, I have mostly been developing new Flask projects from scratch. As most projects tend to consist of similar folder structures, it gets really mundane setting up the identical base projects repeatedly over a period of time.

I have been using Docker for some time now, and with the capability that it enables, we are able to create a starter-kit image with required core functionalities implemented, that can be served almost instantaneously.

Before we get started, let’s talk about our objective first.

We are trying to develop a starter-kit project that runs on Flask, that has the following…

I recently started on an Isomorphic React project. I wanted to use this opportunity to utilize tools that were on my “potential to use” list, and CSS Modules was one of them.

Take a look at this image, do you notice something different?

Max Goh

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