A healthy Smile — A happy life

It has been rightly said, that a smile from the right person can welcome the sunshine in your life. A perfect smile at the perfect moment can earn you everything that your heart desires. Smiles signify confidence, optimism and happiness. Similarly, a smile can conceal a lot of flaws or hidden secrets from the world to convey that one message you want to. Well, all said and done, the question is, are we taking care of our million dollar smiles? Perhaps NO!

A beautiful and convincing smile comes from a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet, healthy eating habits, good hygiene beautify your already appealing smile. Conversely, bad habits such as smoking can degrade it to a great extent. Again, there are scenarios where people are born with dental deformities that adversely affect their otherwise healthy smile. Nevertheless, thanks to the rapid medical advances taking place around the globe, that today we do have effective remedies for all dental issues that hinder your smile.

Let us see some of the simplest ways that can earn you a perfect smile:

Daily brushing and flossing:

While most of us are aware about the benefits of brushing twice a day, not many know about healthy habits of flossing. Plaque buildup takes place in the interior gum sections where your toothbrush may not reach. In such scenarios, regular flossing will prevent tooth decay or gingivitis.

For accurate flossing, gently slide the floss up and down through your gum lines for two to three times. Slight bleeding may occur if you are suffering or your teeth are prone to dental problems. However, excess bleeding may be a matter of concern and therefore needs to be reported.

Routine dental checkups:

Many of us are under a misconception that a dentist should only be visited in case of a tooth cavity or related dental problems. This is completely wrong and rather dentists are of the opinion that every person with the best oral health condition need to visit a dentist twice a year. And for those with existing oral problems, meeting your dentist after every three months is crucial.

People who undergo regular checkups enable the doctor to look for any possible decays that can be corrected with simple and cost effective dental cleaning procedures. This helps you in keeping all gum defects and expensive treatments at bay.

Abstain from caffeine:

Coffee and tea may be one of your favorite stress busters; however, when it comes to your teeth, these have some irreversible and adverse effects. Coffee, tea or in that case red wine stains your teeth robbing them off their natural spark.

Unfortunately, there are people who conveniently continue with excess caffeine and then turn up to bimonthly dental cleanings to polish stains off from the teeth. Oral cleanings are offered in most dental care centers and are quite affordable. However, this medical procedure should only be opted when there are no other alternatives to the existing problem. And again, similar to any treatment method, dental cleaning too has some side effects if conducted wrongly.

Water for a whitening effect:

Drinking water flushes off toxins from within your body and tooth. Water contains fluoride that promotes good dental health; however, excess of fluoride may prove detrimental. Tap water contains the most apt level of fluoride and therefore must be used in increasing amount.

Again water mixed with tastemakers, sugar or other derivatives does not have the same benefits. Therefore, it is always suggested that sufficient levels of water consumption needs to be practiced for good tooth condition or an overall health enhancement.

Underlying health condition:

Sometimes, an underlying ailment may lead to unexpected tooth decay. Diabetes, blood pressure, calcium deficiency etc. may result in an aching tooth and weakened gums. Here again, regular health checkups and timely visits to your dentists may play a significant role in maintaining and enhancing your oral health and thus your smile.

Consider dental implants for missing tooth:

Missing a tooth due to a cavity or accident can permanently spoil your smile. However, if you can opt for the correct dental procedure, getting back your tooth or the smile on your face is no longer an impossible task.

Dental implant is a surgical procedure where an artificial tooth root is inserted in between the jawbone so as to replace where missing tooth. This implant takes a couple of months to get strongly cemented within the jaw and hence becomes permanent. Thereafter, a crown is build over the implant that appears to be exactly similar to any of your natural teeth. A set of tests and examinations are done to craft the crown that matches with your natural tooth color.

It must be noted that though dental implants have multiple benefits, it can only be conducted when a person have healthy and strong gum conditions. A weak gum may not hold the implant aptly and thus crown build up becomes insignificant.

Dental braces for uneven teeth:

Many people are born with uneven teeth that in a way hamper their smile. Moreover, unequal and shapeless teeth may lead to other dental issues and digestive problems as they hinder accurate chewing of food we eat. Nevertheless, dental braces in such scenarios may bring up a much needed solution.

Although braces are a lengthy and time consuming procedure that takes months and years to come up with vivid results, they do have some permanent outcomes. It is a simple procedure where a brace is fixed on top of your teeth so as to exert a continuous pressure that aligns your entire tooth in one line. This pressure is mild and cannot be felt. Opting for this treatment at a young and tender age is always suggested; however, if you have not done it then, you can still go for braces as young adults. Again, for those who feel self conscious about wearing braces, you can opt for invisible braces offered in some medical centers. You can find more information about dental braces and procedure here.

These were 7 essential remedies that can earn help you with a beautiful confident smile, and ultimately transform your life to something much better.