Max Reif
Max Reif
Mar 18, 2014 · 2 min read

reviewed by Max Reif (from GLOW International, Spring, 2013)

We bandy about the phrase, “old soul”. I always found it somewhat amorphous until I read this newly-published, posthumous memoir by Robert Dreyfuss.

Even as a child, Robert reveals certain qualities which tend to set him apart. The book tells how as a boy, Robert made certain conscious decisions and took certain conscious actions because of a medical condition. But many others had such conditions and remained victims. The will Robert was able to mobilize to overcome victim status proclaims enormous wakefulness and independence. A photo of the author standing beside his bike as a ten year-old boy shows his fierce determination.

From this introduction, the reader sees it was no accident that this soul, out of so many, got to meet Meher Baba in the body. Robert’s immediate response to seeing Baba’s invitation to India for the 1965 Darshan: a genuine pilgrimage to such a One requires subjecting oneself to the hardships of an overland journey. Thus, Robert left Boston on September 1 for the late-December program—missing the announcement two days later that Baba had cancelled it! It is important that future generations, as well as new people coming to Baba now, hear this powerful teaching story.

Robert’s intimate memories and stories about Baba’s Mandali; his four years as a resident at His Indian abode; and the anti-drug work he and several others did at Baba’s behest, are extremely well told. So are the tales of his journeys to hard-to-reach Buddhist shrines in the Himalayas, including an account of a meeting with the Dalai Lama, which Baba-lovers will delight in.

INNER JOURNEY TO SACRED PLACES is a gift from Robert to the ages, soaked in Baba’s Love.

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    Max Reif

    I was born in NYC, grew up in St. Louis, now live in California. I lives and I writes. Journey from here to HERE is my recent book of poems.

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