Lost Mystic Raiders Scholarship Program


Axie Infinity is a crypto game based on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is centered around breeding, raising and battling fantasy creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity allows a player to earn cryptocurrency by engaging with the game.

Since the initial cost to start playing is unaffordable for most we are opening a program that allows new players to gain access to an account already setup with 3 high-quality Axies ready to start battling and earning cryptocurrency!

How do scholarship programs work?

In order for you to be able to play without spending any money upfront, we set up accounts and fill them with battle capable teams of Axies. We then provide you with the login credentials so you can access them through the applications (iOs, MacOS, Android and Windows) and start earning.

In return for this service we retain a percentage of your earnings and send the rest to your own Ronin wallet address. If you don’t have a Ronin wallet set up yet we will provide you with the necessary resources to be able to do so.

How much can you earn?

Our split is 60/40. That’s 60% for the Raiders and 40% for the guild.

Our expectations for quota is 150 SLP per day but we are lenient and lower the quota on MMR resets and during natural disasters that affect the majority of our players.

We also have several roles where we provide extra energy or higher percentage earnings to compensate for the extra responsibilities. We are a rapidly growing guild and will have a need for more people to take on these roles within our guild.

Also we have expanded into our games. We have scholarships available for current raiders in Legends of Venari, Sipher (when it launches), and several other P2E games releasing this coming year.

Rules & Requirements!

  • You will need a Ronin Wallet Address. This will be the wallet where we send you your earnings!
  • You need to be a new player! This program targets people who can’t afford buying Axies and would love to try the game out. That means that you can’t own your own Axies and scholarship program, and you can’t be part of other scholarships at the same time! We all want a healthy, happy and well managed community — please keep that in mind
  • Earn 1050 SLP per week, this limit should be easily obtainable as it is the 150 SLP quota per day. Unfortunately lack of meeting this can lead to splitting our ways as out there might be other players who are looking for starter teams. If there are extenuating circumstances due to in-game changes (i.e. daily request reward being disabled for a certain period of time or servers being down) we will accommodate and modify this requirement when needed.
  • Payouts from your account will be made bi-weekly on Sunday and will be made directly to your Ronin Wallet Address that you provide.
  • At the beginning of every bi-weekly cycle we will send you a new QR code to login to the account. We do this to prevent scholars from playing on multiple accounts on a single device.
  • During your FIRST 2 weeks of playing your account will be on a probationary period. We will be waiving the SLP requirement to allow you to better learn the game.
  • Please respect others in our community. We are an inclusive community and will not tolerate any forms of discrimination or harassment.
  • In case of a ban for your account due to suspicious activity (botting, multi-account earning .etc, which violates Axie Infinity Terms) all rewards will be lost. We are also working with other scholarship program managers and will share information of anyone who violates these rules. Don’t do it and be fair to other community members.

How to sign up!


Join our discord! We will be providing the newest updates there on new scholarship teams as they become available. For those selected for our program we will provide in game resources and guides on how to best utilize their teams and their time playing.


To register for scholarship please fill out this Scholarship Application Form. If selected you will be added to a waitlist and once a team is available, you will be contacted via Discord.

Follow our socials!

Twitter: JClutch & Maxie

Twitch: JClutch

Who is the person who I should talk to and trust with my earnings?

So that would be Maxie and JClutch. We are both lifelong gamers and close friends who saw an exciting opportunity with Axie Infinity. We are excited to see what the future of Axie Infinity holds and will be looking for other ways to expand this program beyond scholarship accounts (i.e. land releases).

Sir Maxie



Please keep in mind that this program is experimental and may end at any time for any reason. Terms and rules might change as time goes on due to personal or in game changes. In case of shutdown remaining SLP will be sent according to rules mentioned above.




Maxie’s Scholarship Program

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Sir Maxie & JClutch

Sir Maxie & JClutch

Maxie’s Scholarship Program

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