Maxim Bederov — serial entrepreneur

Maxim Bederov is a successful businessman, IT expert and investor from Europe.

Maxim Bederov was born in 1974, at the age of 17 moved to Germany with his family.

Moving to Germany and first steps of personal development

When it was time to go to university, Maxim Bederov faced a difficult choice. He wanted to show his creativity and study science at the same time. At the end, he entered the faculty of architecture. Maxim performed well at the university. Still, he understood that he would not be able to reach his ambitions working in the sphere. He did not want to be a clerk and work for someone else. He wished to start his own business instead. Despite the doubts, Maxim did not give up his studies and completed the degree. He graduated from the university being one of the best students. After that he began to look for opportunities to retrain in the financial field without wasting time on earning a second degree.

First job and success. Reaching a “glass ceiling” in a corporation.

Maxim’s first attempt was unsuccessful. He applied for a job in a leading financial advisory company in Germany, but failed the interview. Maxim was told that he was a stereotypical applicant. He was a young man with the appearance and the accent of a Russian, who had no experience in the field.

In response to the refusal, Maxim Bederov offered the company a deal. He said that he would work for free in one of the lagging branches, and if he was successful in six months, he would get the job.

In 2000 Maxim started to work in the branch in Berlin, which was, at that time, the company’s most lagging one with a debt of about 150,000 Euros. But Maxim had no choice. He would either start there, or be nothing.

Right before the start of work, Maxim faced a new challenge. He suffered multiple broken bones in a car accident. However, that time his willpower helped him to overcome the obstacle. Despite the persuasion of doctors, Maxim Bederov refused to stay in hospital. In one day he got up and went to work taking painkillers.

Three years later, Maxim paid off all the debts of the branch and took it to a higher level. At the age of 27, Maxim became the youngest partner of the company.

From 2005 to 2017, Maxim was recognized nine times as the best partner of the company in Germany. Having continuing success he started to think: “What’s next?” By the age of 40, he already had everything he could wish for. However, the desire to develop was not satisfied.