iOS Swift Thickness Picker

Simple iOS thickness picker. Supports two modes: vertical and horizontal.

Manual installation:

Copy SwiftThicknessPicker.swift to your project.


pod 'SwiftThicknessPicker'

How to use:

You can create from Storyboard or XIB. Or create manually:

let picker = SwiftThicknessPicker()

For handling changing of values you should implement protocol SwiftThicknessPickerDelegate:

picker.delegate = self
func valueChanged(value: Int)


picker.direction = SwiftThicknessPicker.PickerDirection.Vertical // Vertical, Horizontal

Also you can setup current value and change maximum value, for example:

picker.currentValue = 0
picker.maxValue = 30

And other settings:

labelFontColor // Font color of the moving label
labelBackgroundColor // Background color of the moving label
labelFont // Font of the moving label
cornerRadius // Corner radius
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