What to Make of France’s Leclerc Super-Tank
War Is Boring

First of all, it’s “GIAT Leclerc” and not “AMX-56”. The tank has never been built by the “Ateliers d’Issy-Les-Moulineaux”.

Then, when you talk about side armor, you refer to ERA bricks. On the leclerc, it is NERA (And it has been known recently) Non-Explosive Reactive Armor but anyway, the way it works is quite the same with few differences. So, call it Reactive Armor, more than ERA.

It’s impossible to know the armor of a Leclerc anyway, we know few things, and it is an unknown armor, no classic scheme. 
As we say : “Secret Défense”

And the AZUR Kit is more than an armor Kit. It refers to “Action en Zone URbaine”.
It contains of course, armor improvement such as additional NERA Bricks and anti-RPG grids.
But also a defence against molotov cokctails and other inflammable weapons. More optics, a remote-Controlled 7.62 machinegun and some systems for a civilian environnement.

(It’s in french but you may know one or two things more if you try to translate.)

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