By being better prepared.

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Now you might wonder where this issue comes from, and it might be relevant for you to reproduce the costs simulation too, so we’ll share the tools to do so. Then, let’s talk about the 7Ps framework, which is a solution that will prevent ever spending money on meetings without any tangible outcome. Let’s get started.

The problem: wasteful meetings

A wasteful meeting is by definition unproductive, makes everyone lose time and money.

Every minute spent in a wasteful meeting eats into time for solo work that’s equally essential for creativity and efficiency. —HBR, Stop the Meeting Madness¹, July, 2017

Here’s an example. A…

At a large scale, it could reshape the world for good.

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This article is the third one of the remote work series I’m writing. I started with the benefits for companies and then, the benefits for people. If you still doubt transitioning from a colocated work environment to a remote one could be beneficial, these articles could help you decide.

Remote work has recently become a buzzword. In fact, the outbreak doesn’t paint an accurate picture of what remote work could be in reality, because a lot of companies have been forced to go remote overnight. And without a solid strategy, the proper tools and the right “remote culture”, it is…

An overall summary based on my personal experience.

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Last week, I wrote an article about the benefits of remote work for companies. And this week, I wanted to address the benefits for people — referring to the workforce of a company in general, which includes employees but also freelancers.

I had the chance to work for different companies in the past, which all adopted varied strategies for remote work. Some of them had virtual teams spread all over the world, whereas others were more traditionally allowing remote work once or twice a week. And finally, I’ve even worked for a company that prohibited 🚫 remote work entirely. …

Zapier, AMEX, Ctrip and Cisco do it, and their data prove it’s working.

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May 2018 — I had freshly joined a Fintech Startup as a Software Engineer in London 🚀. The first few days were unsurprisingly hectic, as I was constantly juggling between the excitement and the overwhelming changes this new adventure was bringing to me. I had to grasp the founders’ vision rapidly and get on track with the platform development. Unlike many other companies, meeting everyone working in the team wasn’t as straightforward as usual. Here’s what was atypical about it.

The team was in fact made up of ten people working on-site in the office in London, and the other…

Last Thursday, I attended my first-ever entirely virtual event 🚀.

Andrew Bott and Aleezay Malik had organised London¹ a long time ago. But due to the COVID-19 outbreak 😷, they’ve adapted the format from physical to virtual. Here are my thoughts.

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6 pm, it all begins.

I clicked on the URL to access the event.
My hands were sweating, and my heart was pounding. I didn’t really know what to expect — how different was it going to be to a “regular” physical event?
A few seconds later, I was relieved to see that despite my doubts, I was in charge of my all actions, my camera and my microphone.
The event…

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Software/Growth Engineer | Cofounder @ Phi Skills — passionate about teamwork and management optimisation. Love learning, love teaching.

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