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Programming languages are a means to express intent or logic to a computer. So I was wondering what would be the best scripting language to convey popular politician’s values. Without further ado, I present five new programming languages: Trumpy, ObamaCrust, TrudeauScript, Joejure, and FORILLARY.

Trumpy, A Quick Tour

Trumpy is a natural language to pick up; it uses straightforward semantics and is beginner-friendly. It is the best technology to write the logic for more outspoken tasks. Returns statements are unique here; their small pointy arrows are reminiscent of their creator’s, little pointy hands. As you can see below:

Trumpy is easy

As you will…

This is a story about burning the candle from both ends and focusing too much on the end goal. If you are in your twenties, feeling stuck and unhappy. This may help you.

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The world past my parent’s backyard was very outlandish to me. I didn’t travel the world or seen anything particularly enlightening before my twenties. I was not prepared for the wisdom and openness that being a graphic designer requires.

For some reason, the career guidance advisor tossed me the idea of being a graphic designer, and I thought it was pretty cool, I’m a huge gamer, and…

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When I first started learning TypeScript, I struggled with these concepts and still can’t find any useful articles on the subject. I believe many people might have an itch about this subject, so why not write about it?

First, you must understand that this topic is subject to debate. Even the TypeScript documentation is quite vague or omits to make an in-depth comparison of these different data structures.

Most information I found was about what it is not how to choose the correct data type efficiently.


You do not need much prior knowledge of TypeScript to understand this article. The…

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Looking at the developer’s work gives you the feeling that it’s a stress-free endeavor. Mixed with the scent of brewed coffee, the spirit of near monastic concentration permeates the workplace. Very romantic. But in reality, reaching seniority is a life of battling petty frustrations and challenging your inner demons.

Coding is easy to get into, although mastering this arcane art is an endless pursuit. As you surf the curb of understanding, you will sometimes feel in control, sometimes misplaced.

In my opinion, becoming a senior has a little bit to do with age — but honestly, it’s correlated with how…

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Right, let me set the context straight. I’m not a social justice warrior writing about a nobler cause. What you do down there is not anyone’s business.

The story is about how we all get tricked into buying mediocre products. Or at least, how the savvy online marketers are trying to do it.

Let me explain.

My fascination with ball-trimming products started about a year ago when I received on my Facebook feed an advertisement — a funny one. It promised me that it would get the job done without nicking my sack.

The ad was reminiscent of Poo-Pourri’s masterful…

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With time you realize that writing great code has a lot more to do with good habits than technical knowledge. Some developers find ways to write overly complicated instructions, even in simple languages.

This article will define “good code” as easy to read, visually appealing, and self-documenting. This rule of thumb will not help you write optimized code, meaning it will not directly improve the execution speed of what you write. Nevertheless, it will steer you away from essential performance slips!

The habit: make column 80 sacred.

A column is the position of a given character in a line of code, ranging from the leftmost character…

Should JavaScript really be that complicated?

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I feel I am getting old, ever so slightly getting on the “Should it really be that complicated?” bandwagon. Simplifying the process of creating dynamic front ends is getting quite chaotic.

When you work for a large firm and expect to maintain a product for many years, it’s a stellar solution. It’s best when everything revolves around a commonly agreed-upon workflow. React brings tremendous freedom around how you want stuff to work.

We are a small team that produce fast and iterative digital products for mid-sized to large clients — usually a few of them in parallel. We recognized that…

Maxime Nadeau

I’m a serial entrepreneur and developer, writing stories while doing my best to hide my insecurities.

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