Find out why makers prefer AirSwap over the alternatives. With no trading fees, no deposits, and no costly price updates to on-chain order books, AirSwap is a flexible and efficient network full of opportunities.

Blockchain technology aims to remove centralized parties and give control to individuals, but many crypto-assets continue to be traded on highly-centralized and often risky services. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are easy (and frequent) targets for hackers — the most recent UpBit hack in November 2019 led to a loss of $50M of user funds.

Decentralized exchange (DEX) is a solution. AirSwap is one of the earliest decentralized…

We sat with Grapefruit Trading to talk about their experience on AirSwap Spaces as an OTC liquidity provider in a variety of crypto assets. To learn more about OTC on AirSwap Spaces, read on and email us at

In October 2018, AirSwap launched Spaces, a product designed for over-the-counter (OTC) trades. AirSwap Spaces allows individual traders, as well as professional OTC desks, to indicate their intent to trade, discover peers, and buy and sell tokens peer-to-peer with end-to-end encrypted messaging.

AirSwap Spaces for OTC

With the Swap Protocol, AirSwap’s Ethereum-based “atomic swap” smart contract allows traders to settle ERC-20 and ETH transactions without…

Maxime Bucaille

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