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It was at the end of an intense “spoiling gifts season”, right after his 4th birthday, that my son Nikola fell in love with his new toy car.

Even those who are not parents cannot ignore that flashy franchised red car stamped onto pretty much every product packaging one would walk by at the local supermarket.

So what is so special about this car that every kid wants to have one. First of all, it’s a race car, hard to beat that, but it also has eyes and a name: Lightning McQueen for the connoisseurs.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon came quickly to an end for these two, when during a smuggling operation inside the school perimeter, McQueen got flooded inside Nikola’s lunch backpack. …

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His plan was better. So much better in fact because he did not actually have one.

The “he” is my 4-year-old son Nikola. Just like every other kid his age, he is a creative genius and I am a big fan only trying to catch up.

Last Friday, he took on the mission to claim every piece of furniture lying around the living room and repurpose them into building a castle, his castle.

Seeing such a drive in re-arranging blankets on top of chairs and tables, over and over again, so that the right ceiling height, his height, could be reached, was quite an experience for us, simple peasants not allowed near the construction site. …


Maxime Castéra

Dad | Entrepreneur | Lifelong creative using LEGO® bricks | I write about teams, family and entrepreneurship

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