Party time for dummies

As lots of us know, marketing professionals have a mean appetite for attending or organising VIP events or any other kind of social event. Although one can conclude in all fairness that clients will have a great time if there is a descent presence of quality bites and drinks, as a professional you need to get things right and keep an eye on the details. To give the uninitiated a head start, let’s keep the tips below in mind.

  1. Email is very 2017, but going old school and giving people a ring can boost your presence rate or limit your no show rate.
  2. If you’re using badges at your welcome desk, display them on a big enough table and keep them on the table in an alphabetical order. Moving your sheets around will create chaos — and endless cues — in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Guests like to be greeted with a smile, get your welcome staff water and some food so they keep on smiling.
  4. If you have to much guests to see, try to greet them at the start or at the end to thank them for their venue.
  5. Avoid untaped cables on the ground or on stage. You don’t want your CEO hitting the ground as he starts the presentation.
  6. ALWAYS do a dry run of your presentation with your collegues. Even if the presentation was well prepared, it’s important your fellow presenters (and sound engineers!) get the flow of the event.
  7. Moving glassware and dishes during your presentation could hinder the audience. Try to get separate rooms or make arrangements with your catering supplier.
  8. If you are a partner of the event looking for a good spot, follow the catering booths and the bar.
  9. Don’t overcomplicate your event. Moving people from one place to another takes time, especially with a glass of champagne in their hand.
  10. Check your presentations well in time on-site with your tech provider. This avoids a mega stress after you have left the office.