In these unprecedented times, we at Jour have been wondering how we could do our part help. The first thing we did was offer a free, one-year Premium Jour subscription to any healthcare worker.

Now, we want to address something new: remote therapy.

Go on Jour for Therapists website here.

Due to the current international health crisis, anxiety is on the rise. But due to quarantine and “stay at home” orders around the world, many individuals may not be able to access the in-person mental health resources they want.

Hi friends,

It’s an unusual time. And it’s only normal to feel affected by the worldwide response to COVID-19.

But it’s important to remember why it’s such an unusual time.

We’re adopting new lifestyles to do one thing: take care of one another. We’re taking precautions and spending more time at home to make sure that we don’t put anyone at risk in unnecessary danger, even if we would be okay ourselves.

And in the spirit of looking out for those who need it, Jour wants to do the same for the heroes of this worldwide response: our healthcare professionals.

Amidst the bustle and frenzy of the holidays, the New Year also sits just around the corner.

And this time it’s not just a new year, but a new decade. A time bursting with new ideas, optimism, and possibility.

And while there’s a lot of excitement around the fresh start and planning for the year ahead, we know it can also feel overwhelming. The pressure to make a radical shift or do something big. The good news is that just setting a goal — no matter how small — sets the wheels in motion.

And it all starts with saying…

Our next step together - a more immersive, personalized, and guided experience

In March, we launched the very first version of Jour on the App Store.

In June, we released a powerful new feature: Daily Jour.

In August, our community reached 200,000 journalers and is still growing.

Today we’re releasing Jour Premium — a suite of subscription-based features to provide guidance and build a practice that fully reflects the life you live. We’re also upgrading our free features for a better experience for everyone.

➡️ Download Jour

The revenue from Premium will help support our team as we work toward our mission: creating a tool that allows people to live happier, healthier, and more empowered…

Your daily journaling practice starts here

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new feature to our community: Daily Jour, where you can now find a daily release of guided prompts to reflect and focus your thoughts.

With Daily Jour, you can now:

  • Receive 3 new, mindful questions to answer every day
  • Feel more present, more grateful, and more intentional
  • Become familiar with an effective journaling practice and its benefits
  • Track mindful minutes you spend in Daily Jour with your Apple Health Kit

Daily Jour can be a concise and meaningful habit, a rewarding break in the midst of a busy day, or a welcoming introduction to…

3 months, 25,000 preorders, and 20 Journeys later

The Humans Behind Jour

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, writers, designers, and engineers.

In December of 2018, we set out to create a product that would make the mindful, wellness practice of journaling easier and more accessible.

We wanted to create a tool that could easily integrate into and improve both people’s lives and the amount of time we all spend on our phones. A tool that you could take with you anywhere you took your phone. But that would let you take a break from scrolling through social media and get to know yourself a little bit better.

It Took a Village

We think that beautiful things…

Self-therapy, meet journaling.

The state of mental health

Quality of life has never been better.

The worldwide standard of living keeps climbing. Innovations in healthcare mean that we get to live longer than ever before. Humankind has never had so many resources available literally at its fingertips.

Yet, as a global society, we’re not all that happy.

In fact, more Americans than ever before (nearly 1/5 of adults) now suffer from serious psychological distress.

It’s clear that psychological distress and mental illness have reached unprecedented levels. And this crisis can have serious consequences.

At Jour we’ve been studying this issue — talking to mental health experts about what’s…

We are happy to announce that we have joined Fiverr to release a new suite of tools for entrepreneurs.

Today, Stellar Formation officially joins Fiverr’s new platform: Fiverr Elevate, a suite of services to assist the platform’s millions of freelancers in founding, running and growing their businesses.

Stellar Formation is the only platform to set up a company included in Elevate.

To understand how important this partnership is to us, it’s worth remembering why we started Stellar Formation in the first place.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we knew how hard and confusing it could be to set up a company. Just Google it — there are hundreds of services out there, many of them overpriced and some of them scams…

Our journey building a marketplace for the private art market (part 2/2).

This article describes my team’s yearlong journey to build a new platform for people to buy and sell artworks online at the right price. It outlines the process that came after we created the product and attracted $100m in inventory, in order to make ArtList a real business with real sales. My name is Maxime Germain, I’m a cofounder and product designer at ArtList and here is its continued story. (You can read part one of this story here)

ArtList’s one year anniversary dinner, a few weeks ago. It’s not all online, duh!

A 7 month journey from running a product experiment to selling Basquiat & Warhol

This article describes my team’s 7 months journey building a new platform; it outlines the process we used to design it and decisions we made along the way. My name is Maxime Germain, I’m a cofounder and product designer at ArtList and here is its story.

ArtList is an online marketplace where collectors can buy and sell fine art confidentially. We take a flat 10% commission on artworks sold. From our offices in New York City, we are aiming to make the global art market fast, secure and fair.

As a general rule, if you like getting things done and…

Maxime Germain

Founder / CEO at

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