Put yourself in their shoes. You click on a link, see something you want, sign up, put in your credit card number, and then get a message that pops up saying “Haha, just kidding!”
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Clifford Oravec

Hey, I think asking for the credit card number is an extreme case of a startup that crossed a line. Counting clicks to the pricing page or counting clicks to the payment page and then ending up on a page that says something in the lines of “we are not ready yet but, thanks to you, we will be able to pour more energy and ressources into building that ASAP. If you want to be informed when it’s ready, leave your email address” is not that bad.
Though I understand hat if everyone was to do this, the internet would turn in a f*cking mess and so I can understand you would consider it as an unethical practice.

Btw, I know that it’s something you mentioned before, but this is exactly what Buffer did and I think that since then it was mis-interprated many times.
Also, I like your version that doesn’t just say “subscribe for the beta” (which I think is a mistake) but rather says “request an invite”

I keep reading, this is good stuff I’ll be using really soon!