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How everything started?

As a coder and designer, I always try to optimize my workflow and to automate the repetitive and less enjoyable tasks in my work so that I can focus on innovative and creative experiences.

Even if a lot of UI Kits for Design Systems are available online, most of them contains a lot of predefined UI elements that don’t match my own needs. What I’m really looking for is something that I can intuitively understand and adapt. This is why I started CORE.

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Why Figma?

Like many designers, I started to work with Sketch which was the very first application made for UI design. It made the process of designing interfaces much easier and with the Library feature, we could start to collaborate between designers. Combined with tools like Zeplin or InVision, we could easily collect feedback and transfer the final designs to the development team. …


Maxime Rabot

Freelance Visual & UI Designer, living in Berlin.

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