Drupal is dying!

Maxime Topolov
7 min readJun 1, 2022

I was running Adyax for 10 years, a digital agency that quickly became one of the top 10 worldwide Drupal experts. I gave talks and participated in all major Drupal conferences.

I sold the agency in 2018, when we reached 350 people and more than 13M€ in revenue, only doing Drupal sites.

Today, I’m running code.store, a next-generation agency, where we mainly use SaaS and no/low-code tools, building cloud-native apps for our beloved clients.

I do not recommend Drupal to them anymore.

Drupal was the largest open-source project in the world, fueled by more than 1.000.000 developers, millions of sites, hundreds of top 1000 sites, and thousands of modules, translated into 193 languages.

But Drupal is dying. Let’s see why and why you should not use Drupal anymore.

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Drupal is dying because it’s too complex

I used to say to my clients:

“You can everything with Drupal, there is always a module for any feature you might need.“

At Adyax we did Drupal sites factories, Drupal B2B e-commerce portals, ERPs, CRMs, and media sites.

Example of a beautiful ERP built with Drupal by my teams

The problem?

After a few years, every single project became way too complex and costly to maintain.

Adding more and more features to a single Drupal monolithic instance under tight deadline pressure generated a horrible codebase. Teams change over time, and requirements too. You simply cannot fight against the ever-growing projects’ entropy, without permanent and costly refactoring.

After a while, clients start to question your estimates.

— Why the hell does adding a new content type require 10 man-days of work?



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