A close friend to my girlfriend, knows I love cars and owned a shop. She had a question about brakes as she was sold by a national auto repairer new brake pads. Her question; Should my brakes feel different after the pads have been replaced?

That is a question best answered if I saw the condition of her pads.

If her pads were badly worn as the one at the bottom of the picture above, yes you would feel a difference. The brake travel might be longer as you have more fluid to compress with worn pads. If the pads were around 50% worn or less, then you may not notice the difference, unless you are a car fanatic like myself. She did not feel a difference and was questioning the validity of them advising her they needed to be changed.

Suggestion if you choose to replace your brake pads, I would advise them you want to see the old parts to send a picture to your boyfriend, husband or brother as a lot of women are convinced to pay for things on cars that are not needed. This will assist you in keeping the shop honest.

If you have questions about this or other repairs you may or may not need, feel free to contact me. imaxgermain@gmail.com

Happy new year!

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