There is a point here why it is my first ever written note here on Medium.


Soon I am going to explore New Zealand for about a year and the plan is to go LIVE with my life. This means I am going to do daily vlogs through Instastoryś — becoming a public speaker which is my yet accomplished goal that is patiently waiting scratching of off my 2017 PowerWall. Going LIVE also includes writing weekly Medium posts, capturing moments on photo and uploading them to social platforms. Slowly, but steadily building my own brand knowing that it will take decades of being LIVE. It simply is a marathon that you can't stop running.

The point that I have discovered is that whatever you do, you have to stand out to gain attraction and followers. Now everybody is doing the same — putting out pictures and Boomerangs (lols) out there but none of it really attracts attention. What I will be doing is starting from September is I am going to document my life as it is, giving away all the authenticity I have. Of course, always trying to do my best. 
I really think that there are not so many people out there that are generating great STORY TELLING content while being themselves and that is how I am going to stand out.

Gary is the man!

The riches are in the niches. Your niche is your audience. They are a small group of people who agree with the stand you’re trying to make. They are your evangelists.

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