How to Visualise (it's not how you think it should be done)

Regularly in books and videos we are told to visualize the end result you’d like to see or have.
Although this is effective to a degree it is not the fastest method and certainly not the one with a highest chance of working. 
 It is because of this big distance in vibration that exists between you and the end result, it is difficult to match it.
 The thing that will accelerate the process and really get things going is imagining the process of moving towards the wanted result.
 Take, for example, if your goal is related to your health or if you want to lose weight, don’t only imagine the end goal of what you want your body to look and feel like in the future.
 Imagine that your body is gradually acquiring perfect form and getting better and better. Look after it, train it, and then imagine that your body is slowly either losing more weight, building more muscle, or getting healthier — whatever it may be that you want in whatever. Sphere of life. 
 Because there is a smaller vibrational gap between you and your current objective, it is accomplished much easier. As you continue, you also build momentum which accelerates the process even further.
 Whatever the focus, visualize the process. It will significantly make the process quicker for you and help you achieve the bigger picture. 
 In the end, we are what we decide to be. 
 Our self-image is the foundation of our performance.