Congratulations To C2’s Newest Binus Graduates!!

26th July 2016 is a milestone in Content Collision’s (C2) history. Four of our teammates — Gunawan Saputra, Tommy Young, Selvi Nelin, and Caroline Winata — finally graduated with a Bachelor degree from Binus University. It’s always nice to know that our coworkers finished their education properly. Congrats all!

Saputra, Young, and Winata all come from Psychology degrees, while Nelin is an Information Systems graduate. The four of them have high hopes for the future, as they embark on a journey to make the world a better place, one content at a time.

Rich organizational and work experiences

Winata showing off some love

All four recent graduates have built their CVs well during university years. On top of raking in huge academic scores, they were also very active in student organizations. Saputra and Nelin took part at Binus’ top student organization called Bina Nusantara English Club (BNEC) while Young and Winata were active at Psychology Student Organization.

Eventually, each of them grew to become leaders in their respective positions. Saputra tells his story:

Having experienced many positions in various organization levels in BNEC have shaped me into a more mature individual, either in attitude or way of thinking. As a leader, I was trusted to manage a team consisting of 20 to 100 people.
One on one communication and public speaking were must-have skills, and I got that there. From a slow thinker, I was forced to think quicker, more critical, and also visionary. A combination of fun, excitement, pressure, and responsibilities is everyday meal, and by going through all that, I’ve grown to become the better person I’m now.

Saputra, Young, and Winata became part of their organization’s Steering Committee, which is the highest management positions in Binus student organizations. They were trusted to lead members, design organizational roadmap, and push their organization’s achievements even further.

Winata also had several working experience under her belt before joining C2. She worked as Binus Student Counselor, Promotion Team member, Lab Assistant, and Forex Market Analyst Internee to name a few. This helped built her character and hard skills as she takes on bigger roles with C2.

“Through my humble working experiences, I’ve learned the adversity in confronting people and coordinating a big event. It also taught me how it feels like to be a member in a team who always try to give our best to get the best result,” Winata says.

While academic scores is important, it is their organizational expertise that may prove to be the difference when they contribute in a dynamic workplace. They showed appetite to learn during university, and that’s one ingredient to help them succeed in working life.

Competition circuits and awesome university environment

Young, Saputra, and Nelin posing for graduation Instagram

Young and Nelin have also found success in competition circuits. Young is the Champion of Binus’ Psychosmart 2013 competition, as well as 2015’s Psychology Brilliant Generation Competition. Nelin is the Champion of HSBC Business Case Competition 2015. Between both of them, they’ve grabbed several honors awards in several more competitions.

“Competitions help build up confidence, networking, and knowledge in long term. In short term, adrenaline rush and constant pressure throughout events help me understand my limit, and how to go beyond it,” says Young.

He continues, “Those things can be applied to many things in life. They help me understand myself better, and keeps me from falling behind. They are not my past, but will always be part of me, for what i have learn from those competitions are what i am going to live by for the rest of my life.”

Nelin believes that Binus university was indeed a great place to develop her skills. The place is full of wonderful teachers and staffs. They’re open minded and they do their best to understand the students. Not only that, Binus University itself have been doing their best to improve teaching quality through various means.

From the simple feature to give ratings and feedback on how the teachers perform, to the scholarship programs awarded for student who excels both in study and campus organization. Binus has made a healthy environment to study, and in this environment that students like our C2’s co-worker could strive to be the best.

Nelin also worked as Laboratory Assistant for Information Systems, and she felt the people there helped her grow as well. “Amongst the lab assistants, everybody seems to be a competitive high achiever. So I felt compelled to be as good as the others,” she says.

Where do we go from here?

(Image from Anissa Wood)

Graduation is just one milestone. A mountain that they have conquered, but the world is filled with mountains. Each more arduous to climb.

These young energetic men and women have their vision for the future. With little rest, they’re already on their way to conquer another mountain. Congratulations on your graduations. All of us at C2 are very proud and humbled by your presence.

We look forward to creating more awesome content with you all! =)

If you’re looking to work with these awesome lads at Content Collision as full time writer, please send your CV and writing portfolio to