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Just a little draft to speak about my implication into the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

I want to start a side project successfully and i need motivations to stay involved in the development. I work as Lead Developer for a small web agency and i write many lines of code every day. But i want to improve unused skills to be a better developer. I’m thinking about Vue.js and Go.

So i’ve decided to build a fullstack application with Vue.js and probably Go. I will start by train myself intensively on Go. Then, i will probably start to design and mock an API to build a front part with Vue.

You can follow me on twitter to keep you informed, i will start the challenge on this monday 04 march.

Thx for reading, see you next time.

Hello ! Did you have to test a specific routes of your amazing Symfony project ? Like a group a GET which must returned 200 http status code ? Ok i’ve a solution for you !

So, imagine the context. You have to test a existing project built on top of Symfony with lot of bundles. Your job is to test if the back office seems to be ok. (200)

But you have an amazing number of routes to tests and you doesn’t have to spend time to verify the work of each other. To test differents routes, the documentation

Do you like functional programming ?

Golang isn’t the better choice to do functional programming. Go was designed to be simple to learn for everyone and efficient to build complex applications. Go promote idiomatic ways to solve algorithm issues because Golang have to be easy.

This philosophy reminds me KISS principle, (Keep It Simple Stupid) you doesn’t need to use sophisticated stuff to create simple features. But sometimes, i want to use some functional programming skills in Go. This is why i was thinking about the easiest way to use iterators like Map Filter and Reduce in Go.

Implements theses…

At the beginning…

I’m working with Vertx for my actual project in my company. Vertx is more a toolkit than a bloated framework. Vertx provide many little dependancies which help you to build anything you want ! With Vertx, you strictly install what you need. But, the core concept is to make asynchronous programming like Node JS, using an event loop system. But it’s not exactly like Node. Due to Javascript, Node JS execution is Singlethread. (Okay, you can launch several instances of Node to scale your application using process manager like pm2 which provide load balancing system. …

Hello world! I’ve just want to write a short article to speak about Ajax use case with React.

React doesn’t provide features to make Ajax calls like jQuery. The React’s philosophy is to manage UI components by functions and by class (as defined in ES6) using properties and local states. React doesn’t do nothing else. React render and refresh components according to some conditions, each component have a life cycle and developers have to program handlers to lift states and program interactions between components through Virtual DOM.

To respect this principle, for me, a React component shouldn’t have any Ajax…

I would like to share my method to implement a singleton in javascript. To be clear with you, i like javascript since ES6 which brought lot of interesting features. (I think about the closure syntax with class keyword, an userfriendly syntax for java’s coders like me. This syntax is also helpful to implement lot of design pattern.

Pretty simple isn’t it ?

That’s why i love ES6, this singleton has the same structure as java’s version below.

I understand, the class syntax can be strange for javascript purists, but it’s very useful. …

Welcome to codhex website, the bearded coder’s blog !

This is my first draft on this platform, i have to explain the reason of my presence. I will post some stories about programming and IT concepts. I like to share my skills and, according to my hacker’s philosophy, i have to exchange some programming tricks. So, did you find my english bad ? I’m french and i try to improve myself for better writting and speaking in english. Now, i’m going to publish this short introduction of me to write a more interesting draft about some javascript design pattern implementation with ES6.

Have a good day and see you soon :)

DI DIO Maximilien

Backend developer

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