As artificially intelligent experiences become commonplace, designers must craft interfaces to empower them.

An illustration of a smart phone with an algorithm spilling out of it.
Illustration by Maximillian Piras

A designer must be intricately familiar with her materials. In the past this meant understanding the nuanced properties of woods, metals, printing presses, & eventually pixels. Today’s digital designers must work with a much more intangible material: an algorithm.

They were once comparatively simple sets of rules an application followed…

Video conferencing’s antiquated UX doesn’t fit today’s use cases, could new designs with engaging spatial interfaces change that?

A collection of visuals exploring spatial interfaces for video calls

Many recent articles detail how Covid-19 suddenly made video conferencing integral to our professional & personal lives, but few discuss how its legacy user experience struggles to accommodate our new use cases: schools, concerts, happy hours, etc. Despite decades of massive shifts in atoms & bits, they’ve seen little experiential…

Interrupting users with banners, alerts, & notifications has negative consequences for your product’s user experience.

An antique hammer with nails on a wooden table
Photograph by Anne Nygård

Take a second to imagine this scenario: you need to hang a picture, so you grab a hammer—but as you pick it up, it begins talking. It explains some dense & seemingly random information, distracting you from your task. You try to comprehend, but you have things to focus on…

The problem with beautiful dreams is that eventually they get interrupted by your alarm clock. That’s what happened when I woke up this morning for my last day of work at 8tracks.

My last playlist as an 8tracks employee.

This dream lasted for four years. In it millions of people…

Maximillian Piras

Product designer, startup focused.

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