Split Identities
Max Richter

First let me say this I have and most likely will never be big on social media. I have only ever left comments on some YouTube videos but that is the extent of my Digital social media foot print or whatever.

But in response to your post I would say that I agree with the above that Patterson made. The quote “I couldn’t care less whether my neighbors and co-workers are authentically sexist, racist or ageist. What matters is that they behave with civility and tolerance, obey the rules of social interaction and are sincere about it.” I don’t really write formally either if you cant tell already. It constrains my authenticity. I agree in that I think people should all treat each other with respect no matter what prejudices they may have. In society today people are being a lot more accepting of a lot more things which is progressive to an extent. So like all things acceptance has a limit a moral limit. But the point is people can treat people however they want to treat someone yes they should be kind to others even if it isn’t authentic to them selves. we do this things because it is correct morally. Personally I feel bad if I miss treat someone even if it is “well deserved”. Just the other day I didn’t hold a door open for someone and I found my self muttering about being sorry. Sorry i get side tracked point is everyone is there own person no matter how different but as being a member of society I think there is some for of social contract in which you should treat others well no matter what prejudices you may hold.

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