There’s an app for that
Michael Ruiz

I found the QS movement to be a good thing that can help people track what they do if they want to be made aware of it. I think that while yes it is taking a a lot of information from the user such as the food you ate or the steps you have taken I don’t think corporations having this information is going to affect your life in such a way that it will cause you harm. I am a fan of the QS movement. I say this because it helps people learn things they didn’t even know about them selves and in some situations find healthier options to live a better and more productive life.

Now I do understand where you are coming from when you say you don’t want your life measured and I can also agree with that. I think having to track data can suck the fun out of doing things. Yes it can give you an answer to some problem you may have, but its it worth slaving away at the whim of a program. So In conclusion I would say that like most things the QS movement has its positives and negatives like most things. But at some point this may become the normal and what then? will it change the word for better or worse?

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