A Life in Numbers
Max Richter

In response to the questions you posed. I am tracking my eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. My goal is to learn a bit about my habits to hopefully create a happier and healthier me. As far as tracking my data I am going old school. First I log my sleep hours and give my opinion on the quality of my sleep. I’m not letting and app tell me how well I slept. After I log my sleep I describe the meals that I ate that day. I’m not so much worried about the calories of the food I ate. Rather I am concerned with repetition or not eating enough. I tend to forget to eat because I get absorbed into tasks and that is not a healthy habit to have. When I forget to eat I tend to later binge eat which is probably a little better than not eating at all but its something. Finally I get to log my workout, this is were I go into detail about what I did with sets reps and the weights that I did. My goal for tracking my exercise is hopefully to see those weights go up, also add some more cardio into my workouts. So overall I would say that my project is going well. I can not say I have any conclusive data about my self yet besides my love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But hopefully with more time and data I can learn something about my self to help me improve.