MaxiMine: The Solution to What Ails The Crypto Mining Industry

As cryptocurrency gains more traction in the financial world, its barrier to entry has in turn become increasingly steep. Large corporate mines have dominated the cryptocurrency mining industry, making independent mining a dimming possibility each day. Investors are deterred by the great financial backing and advanced technology needed to make these mining operations a success. Other deterring factors include the inaccessibility of mining machines, the high technological barrier, and the lack of transparency among others. MaxiMine’s mission is thus to provide an effective and viable solution to resolve the various issues ailing the current industry.

1. Independent Mining

Without sufficient knowledge in blockchain technology and a strong financial support, independent miners find it extremely difficult to reap good returns from cryptocurrency mining. Difficulties plaguing an average investor include sourcing for reasonably priced mining machines, high labour and electricity costs and bearing the brunt of external environmental factors that may influence the mining revenue generated. As an open and transparent cloud pool, MaxiMine effectively resolves all the issues mentioned above. It lowers the threshold of the industry and provides investors with fair returns, transforming into an optimal choice for investment in the eyes of many. Its “cloud mining pool” system “rents” out hashing power which encourages active participation from investors. This aids in reducing industry barriers and injects much needed vitality into the current cryptocurrency economy.

2. High Technological Barrier

In order to configure a mine that is highly efficient and stable with maximum output, investors will need to possess a wealth of technological knowledge. This knowledge encompasses areas such as choosing the right mining machine, dealing with overheating problems in overclocking, and avoiding the eventual depreciation of mining machines etc. Traditionally, this high technological barrier had deterred a large number of investors from investing in cryptocurrency mining. It is thus with this concern in mind that MaxiMine designs an efficient and transparent distributed pool revenue system that is freely accessible to all. MaxiMine users do not need to worry about the technical aspects of crypto mining as instead, MaxiMine holders can gain returns through an exchange of their hashing power. At the same time, MaxiMine’s long-running partnership with Bitcoin (China) ensures that it is up to date with the latest mining products to guarantee its efficiency and profitability.

3. Lack of Transparency and Control

In traditional cloud mining pool systems, ownership and control typically lie within the hands of the service provider. Investors are not privy to the process of revenue distribution and its calculations, allowing service providers to collect hidden fees in disguise which presents a severe disadvantage to investors. Unlike other cloud mining pool systems, MaxiMine is a distributed pool revenue system based on blockchain technology. MaxiMine’s users are under the larger system of distribution where revenue is calculated and awarded through smart contracts as well as predictive machines to ensure transparency and fairness throughout the process. As all records of transactions and profit distributions are recorded on the blockchain, its natural immutability ensures that the data is impervious to tampering and is transparent and clear to all miners.

4. Other External Factors

The marginal revenue of mining is, to a certain extent, affected by its surrounding environment such as its climate, electricity and population. An optimal climate for mining requisites one with low temperatures and low electricity costs, as well as a relatively drier climate; mining in low temperatures helps in reducing the time and capital cost needed to cool the overheated machines, while the dry climate helps in maintaining the machines and delaying its depreciating process. Yet, the most significant factor that has a direct impact on the revenue generated is the price of electricity in the region. As electricity costs can account for more than 30% of operating expenses, the price of electricity in any country can determine the editorial revenue and the operational costs needed to shut down the mines. It is thus to no surprise that the first phase of MaxiMine’s mining farm is set in Xinjiang, China. Xinjiang enjoys a dry climate and experiences low temperatures all year round. Furthermore, its low electricity costs makes it the perfect location to set up mining farms for cryptocurrency mining.

With all these factors listed above, there is simply no reason why you should give MaxiMine a miss. Quick. Head over to the any of the cryptocurrency exchanges listing MXM and start your journey with MaxiMine today.

About MaxiMine

MaxiMine is a highly efficient and transparent cloud-based pool mining platform. Its headquarters is located in Singapore and has a strong international presence in the industry. Since its launch, MaxiMine has been garnering positive attention for its innovative business model and operational capabilities, paving the way for unfaltering growth ahead.​

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