MaxiMine(MXM)Token Sales Guide

A guide to purchase MXM tokens seamlessly and securely


Only users who have whitelisted and passed KYC are eligible to participate in the MaxiMine token sale. You can check your KYC approval status by logging in at

Token Sales Period

The token sales period starts from 26 April 2018, 1800 h GMT+8 until 10 June 2018, 2359 h GMT+8.

Contribution Guide

Go to and login to see your KYC status which should display either 
1) Verified: Congratulations you are able to contribute
2) Not Verified: Your KYC has been rejected due to various reasons, please feel free to email to appeal or seek clarification
3) Pending: Please patiently await the KYC screening process

If your status is verified, use the wallet address that you registered to send your ETH over to the MaxiMine token wallet address at: 0xb53C1F88fd9eccA301747cb4FDb2F7E11dD6625A
at the exchange rate of 1ETH:60,000MXM.

The tokens will then be distributed after the ICO period.

Verify MaxiMine’s token wallet address

To ensure the safety of your ETH and protect you from being scammed, please ensure that you verify that our wallet address is 0xb53C1F88fd9eccA301747cb4FDb2F7E11dD6625A

Check the wallet address against 2 or 3 of the following sources:

MaxiMine Twitter Account:

MaxiMine Telegram Group:

MaxiMine YouTube:

Other Important Information

The total hard cap for the whole MaxiMine project is 100,000 ETH and in the event the total ETH received exceeds the hard cap, the excess portion will be refunded.

If your ETH contribution is from an unregistered wallet, meaning to say KYC not done or from a wallet that is different from the one provided during registration, the ETH will be refunded back to you less 1% to cover the gas cost and deter users from indiscriminately sending ETH into the MaxiMine token wallet.

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