These early IAs were not trained in web design; nobody was. They came from a variety of backgrounds from library sciences (Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville) to journalism (Jesse James Garrett) to painting (me), graphic design (Erin Malone), advertising (Eric Reiss), cognitive psychology (Andrea Gallagher), anthropology (Peter Merholz), landscape architecture, theater and more. We were entrepreneurs more than anything else, all excited by this brave new world. We dove in and cobbled together a way to make sure all this information could be found and understood.
Towards a New Information Architecture
Christina Wodtke

Why did so varied a group adopt the term “architect” for a set of practices that have nothing to do with what architects do, aside from adopting it because of Wurman’s book? I’m trying to figure this out for my book—there’s a lot at stake in the choice of a title. Why did you take it on?