Enigma’s Token Sale — Full Details
Enigma Project

So, if I’m whitelisted and I contribute only 50% of my individual cap, and the event is oversubscribed, then I will receive the corresponding amount of tokens representing 50% of my cap, and there will be no refund? Or else? Or I will receive 25% of my individual cap, which is 50% of the 50% I sent to you. You’re so confusing! And I thought EOS ICO was confusing lol…

And btw, if you copy-pasted your rule book from somewhere else, don’t forget to change the blanks and placeholders:

If the crowdsale is not oversubscribed, Bob receives 6,000 ECAT. If the crowdsale is fully oversubscribed, Bob receives $1,800 in ENG (3,000 ENG)

You obviously forgot to replace ECAT for ENG.

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