Hi, my name is Solomon Kingsley I just want to share my experience so far at the andela bootcamp, So far has been a pleasant experience for me, with what I’ve learnt, with the things I’ve done I don’t think am the same person I was few days ago. Just like I said earlier I’ve come across new technology, I’ve acquired new skills and I’ve understood different concept. What I found challenging today was implementing the binary search function, I really understood how the binary search works but It took me some time to sketch out the logic behind it, but at last I came up with something. I also learn more on how to use some arrays prototype function like the .map (), .filter (), .reduce (), .split (), and .join (). These functions are really helpful most especially for functional programming; they are used in manipulating data, and I’ve come to see myself using GIT and GITHUB very well. My experience so far has really added more value to my programming skills, and I’m willing to go further in becoming a world class software developer. Thanks for your time…

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