Thanks for this somehow entertaining piece.
Bogdan Pammer

You are welcome. Its more than just semi-serious — despite its kinda entertaining nature. Great feedback — by the way.

Let me cover your — very valid — points:

  1. Having a rather computational background I think: We don’t need to understand exactly how our universe works in order to create a virtual universe — we can just find a work around or take some shortcuts: A computer game can easily be compared with a virtual world but technically speaking its just one big trick (fake perspecives & everything). A hack — so to say.
  2. Maybe not information from a physical point of view but again from a computational one — sure. Its all about how you render it.
  3. Maths is very precise about this one — you are right. Maybe I should rather remove the numbers. And of course there will be many simulated universes without intelligent live — probably most of them. Then again it depends on the amout of intervention the simulator is willing to perform.
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