The Pregnant Entrepreneur: Part One (of Many)

Excuse the long delay in my writing — I know it’s been a while since my last post. You see, the last couple of months have been spent sleeping 15 hours a day, eating way too many sour gummy worms, and squeezing in as much work as I can manage between naps.

No, I’m not on vacation. But the human growing inside of me sure seems to be!

That’s right! Marvin and I are navigating the world of being parents-to-be. It has been filled with evenings begging my husband to pick up gorgonzola steak salads and crying over burnt chili, running out of breath during simple 30-minute prenatal yoga exercises, trying to decide if we need to upgrade to an SUV, and napping so proficiently that I wonder if I’m not just turning into a 16 year-old boy.


The Pregnant Entrepreneur: Preparing for Mompreneurship

A good friend said to me there’s a reason we get nine months of gestation time — because that’s about as much time as we need to get our shit together.

She couldn’t be more right.

While making the appropriate preparations that one makes to be a mom, I’m also making preparations to be something else — a mompreneur (something that I chuckle about now, just a few months after my attendance at my first Mom 2.0 Summit). Otherwise known as a mother who has so much of her shit together that she can raise a baby and a company at the same time.

The interesting thing is that the more people learn about my pregnancy, the more these mom bosses are coming out of the woodwork. It seems like almost every business owner I talk to over the age of 40 is also a mom, and when I tell her my news she is immediately excited, then laughs — a laugh that smells of nostalgia, support, humor, and pity. A laugh that says, “one day you’ll look back on those years and you’ll laugh, too. But you’ll need to get through them first.”

Over the next few months, you will likely find me exploring the world of mompreneurship more deeply. I’ll hear stories of women who have done it while starting businesses, chasing careers, and even navigating the startup world while pregnant or with an infant at home. I will attempt to keep up a regular travel schedule with a baby, whether it is living inside or outside of my body. I will likely take some semblance of maternity leave, but am also lucky to have an incredible team that can not only operate on autopilot, but actually innovate with minimal direction.

But one thing is for sure: the secret’s out. Here come the belly rubs, the doe-eyed strangers, and, of course, the extra cookies at the Doubletree simply because I ask for them. I intend to take advantage of the fact that I am living a regular life of a badass entrepreneur while making a human being at the same time. And if that means boarding the airplane first, you better believe I’m ready for it.