If you’ve ever run native ads or even simply seen one while scrolling through your favorite website, you know that they have two main components: headlines and images. Saying it like this makes native advertising sound deceptively simple. But when all you have to grab your audience and make them click are a small image and 60 or fewer characters, you really have to make them count! We already talked about what makes a great headline on our blog, but what about images? Well, after spending years in the native ad space (and through Maximus’s features) we’ve learned a lot…

When you’re building your funnels, there’s plenty of places for improvement. Using a presell is a proven way to increase interest and drive sales. But just using a presell isn’t always enough — it is also a chance for traffic to drop off before a conversion. Media buyers have been utilizing tracking tools to measure their presell performance for years, but managing all these logins and tools can be a burden. Plus, we know firsthand how costly it can be, too.

Whether you want to monitor a new campaign or get the details on one that’s already running, you can…

Nobody needs to tell you that today we’re overexposed to everything — whether you’re juggling email inboxes, different messaging apps, or even your social media accounts. When it comes to native advertising, there are so many different platforms and tools on the market today that take care of different pieces of your funnel. These are helpful, of course, but we can also admit that it’s hard to manage.

And why should you manage all types of logins and keep switching back between browser tabs when you don’t have to?

Ditch Your Tracker

Right now, we are all aware of the tough times the world is experiencing — news of COVID-19’s spreading impact is all but unavoidable, and it has impacted just about every industry. Even in advertising, it has caused a number of trends to shift. During this time, we wanted to give you a few insights and ideas to help you better handle these shifts. The media buying process has become more uncertain as our demographics and customers are not responding to what we know works.

We have put together a list of trends and traffic performance we have seen in…

By Mr. X

How Maximus Helped Me Get Profitable

I had spent high 6 figures and couldn’t get past breakeven. After my first week of using Maximus I’m seeing consistent green numbers in the tracker and I’m confident I can scale this to new heights.

Below I’m listing the features that helped me most and how I personally used them.

Use Maximus to Rotate Landing Pages & Offer Pages

Maximus allows you to MANAGE YOUR LINKS so you can rotate landing pages and offers.

What if I told you it’s one of the features I’m using to make the life of my competition miserable?

I was rotating two different offers (a high-priced and a low-priced offer) and quickly…

By Mr. X

I’ve been deeply in love with the internet marketing industry for the past decade.

After some flings with SEO, Poptraffic and Mobile DSP love hit me like a 10 pound hammer.

It was a cold winter day back in 2015 when a mutual friend told me about Miss Facebook.

I remember our first date as if it was yesterday: I brought roses and a raffle ticket to win a free iPhone. She became ecstatic about the iPhone — it was almost over the top. She really liked my unusual present. …

By Mr. X

1. Prepare well and get help — The Key to a successful transition

You don’t have to do this alone. The transition from Facebook media buying into native is a challenge for everyone involved, from the creative team to landing page creation to campaign management. Where Facebook’s fabulous plug-and-play system will do the optimization for you, Native is a hands-on process. It requires your unconditional attention to bid up and down when needed. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. With the help of Maximus (top native optimization software) you are going into the game meters of ahead of anyone going into native alone.

Learn more about what Maximus can do for…

Buying native traffic on Yahoo Gemini can be quite a different experience than buying traffic at traditional native networks such as Taboola or Outbrain. We have put together a list of points that highlight some of the most important things to keep in mind to successfully scale your campaigns on Yahoo Gemini.

Day Parting For Profit

We have noticed that because some campaigns perform poorly during certain hours — the afternoon, for example — media buyers will assume that it’s like this for every campaign and automatically disregard them. However, don’t assume all campaigns are the same. Drive into them and look at each…

If you’re working with the top native networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Gemini, and Revcontent, you’ll need an optimization tool to help you compete against other buyers and maximize the most out of your campaigns.

All of these reasons below by themselves are key points to making native work for you, but combined they are greater than the sum of their parts. We’ve built Maximus to remove all the worrying, reduce all the micro management, and make analyzing your campaigns faster than ever.

1. Turn One Person Into a Team

Whether you’re running native campaigns by yourself or working with a team of buyers, there’s no reason to…

When you’re looking for opportunities to promote your product or brand, there’s a lot of options out there that you have sift through. Imagine how bad it is for a consumer — being constantly bombarded by these options everywhere, all the time. TV commercials, Spotify ads, billboards, mobile games ads, and more. It’s even exhausting thinking about all of them!

So why waste energy on these methods that don’t give you the results you want? You can try other digital advertising, but you won’t be getting the results you really want. …

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